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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Aria Saikou

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Aria Saikou

Post by Tyler Saikou on Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:58 am

Name: Aria Saikou

Race: Somebody


Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Illusions
3.) Ice
4.) Earth

Limit-Diamond Flash: An attack that requires Aria and Tyler to be together, this technique starts with aria lowering the temperature of the battlefield significantly, causing ice crystals to form in the air, and breath to be able to be seen. Next, Tyler creates a large amount of electrified water, which quickly freezes, suspended in the air, but not frozen solid. Once this is done, Either of them are capable of manipulating the ball of water for four posts. Once four posts pass however, the electric charge within the ball of liquid ice hits a massive spike in power, causing the icy ball to freeze fully and splinter into a massive amount of smaller chunks. Once this happens, Aria and Tyler grab each other's hands, and unleash a massive blast of light from their bodies, sending the shards of ice rocketing out in every direction, dealing heavy light, electric, and ice damage to anyone within a fifty foot radius.
Base Ability Cool Down: T5 MP cooldown time + T3 MP Cooldown time=14 posts (No, this does not cost mana, though it is very strenuous on both characters ICly, which is why it has this cooldown)

Silencer (Hand and a Half Sword)
Bore and Tire (Twin Daggers)
Midnight and Despair (Twin Pistols, 13 bullets each)

Oath of Pride (Heavy Armor)
Favor of Woe (Light Armor)

Tier One
Manifest: Aria is capable of manifesting all of her items onto herself.
Freeze: Aria is capable of covering the ground in a twenty foot radius of herself in ice, making it harder for people to move by making the ground extremely slick.
Clone: Aria is capable of creating a doppleganger of herself made of ice, that is then surrounded in an illusory aura to look like her. This is imperfect, and a close enough study of the two makes it clear which is the real one. This clone is capable of attacking, and all of its stats, save endurance, are at the same level as Aria's.
Woe of Gaea: Aria is capable of creating a pillar of earth in front of her to protect against spells by stomping on the ground directly in front of her.
Reflect: Aria is capable of passively creating the reflect spell. (Cooldown: 3 posts)
Frost Dart: Aria is capable of launching arrow shaped shards of ice from her palms. (Cooldown: 2 posts)
Whispered Lies: Aria is passively capable of changing her voice and the voices of those around her, with their consent.  
Gaea's Bash: Aria is capable of creating a four foot long, two inch thick bat of stone at any point while unarmed. This lasts for a single attack before it turns into a cloud of dust. (Cooldown: Two posts)

Tier Two
Flip Foot: Aria may declare one target and inflict them with the flip foot status effect, making all of their intended movements take them in the opposite direction for three posts. Moon users are capable of resisting this effect however. (Cooldown: 6 posts)
Cement Shoes: Aria is capable of causing the earth underneath the feet of anyone within a fifteen foot radius of her to become encased in blocks of cement, lowering their speed and agility greatly for four posts. (Cooldown: Eight Posts)
Light Dart: Aria is capable of firing a moderately powerful arrow of light from her hand. This arrow travels a moderate distance at a high speed, and deals moderate light and piercing damage. (Cooldown: 4 posts)
Twin: The double created by Aria's clone skill is now physically indistinguishable from her.
Hell Froze Over: Aria is capable of emitting a blast of cold from her body that causes everything within a fifteen foot radius freeze. This only freezes player character's feet to the ground for two posts after the initial usage. (Cooldown: 7 posts)
Gaea's Breath: Aria is capable of creating three large spikes of ice covered earth after using the Hell Froze Over Skill by stomping the frozen ground. This causes three spikes of earthy ice to rise around her, dealing damage to anyone standing above them, while protecting her from spells on all sides. (Cooldown: 6 posts) (Duration: 3 posts)
Shatter: Aria is capable of preemptively shattering all ice that has been generated by any of her skills

Tier Three
Powder: Aria is capable of turning the ice broken by shatter into snow
Blizzara: Aria is capable of using the snow created by powder to create a large/massive blizzard, depending on how many times an ice based skill has been used (2-4 being large, 4-6 being massive), with her as the epicenter. (Cooldown: 10 posts) (Duration: 5 posts)
Double Trouble: Aria is now capable of creating a perfect clone of herself, which shares all of her stats and is capable of using all of her skills (aside from her limit)
Phantom Pains: After making physical contact with an opponent, aria may, at any point after, cause them to feel intense pain wherever she made contact. This can only be done once before incurring the cooldown, but it can be done at any point after initial contact has been made. (cooldown: 6 posts)
Freyja's Fist: All of Aria's attacks with weapons now deal moderate ice damage.
Physis's Hand: All of Aria's unarmed attacks deal moderate earth damage.
Blind: Aria may declare a target and afflict them with the blind status effect for three posts via casting an illusion that makes the target see nothing but an unending darkness. Moon users are capable of resisting this effect however. (Cooldown: 8 posts)


Max MP: 450
Max DP: 11
(Tier 4)STR(8)|(Tier 4)END(7)|(Tier 5)MAG(10)|(Tier 5)SPE(10)|(Tier 5)AGI(10)|(Tier 1) SYN (1)
Character Tier: 5
Tyler Saikou
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Re: Aria Saikou

Post by Game Master on Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:09 am


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