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Skill-Trees and Summons


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NightmareLand Status

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NightmareLand Status

Post by Storm Sky on Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:37 pm


Due to recent events, Wonderland is now in emergency mode, better known as Nightmareland


Nightmareland is exactly what you think, a living nightmare. Wonderland is now always night, save for two hours out of the day. Any person found out of their home and out in the open while not in daylight will be detained and punished accordingly. Nightmareland has a unique set of creatures that only come out at night. These beasts are terrifying and should not be approached at any time.


Nightmareland is not meant to torture its citizens, or plunge the world into darkness. Nightmareland is in place to protect citizens from threats, such as armies, murderers, or catastrophes by letting the darker side of it come out, like it's creatures, to scare off or eliminate threats. Guards will be posted around the entire city perimeter, making it difficult to get in or out. These guards do not harass citizens, but they make sure they are safe from any Nightmare creature that might try to make its way into city limits. A special guard group is designated for capture of citizens or persons who are out after the daylight hours.


Creatures to be added soon.
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