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Kazami, Yuuji

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Kazami, Yuuji

Post by Yuuji on Fri Feb 20, 2015 2:02 pm

Name: Yuuji, Kazami
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Somebody
From a young age, the Yuuji has possessed resemblances to his father with his relatively fair skin.  medium brown locks hang from the head of this boy which hangs down to his blue eyes where his hair continues down to the back of his neck, all the way down to his shoulder blades which is usually covered by a grey saggie beanie. Yuuji's blue eyes posses a natural calming and charming appearance, giving off the harmless impression yet when angered the eyes change to posses a natural fierceness to strike fear into those who have done him or those he cares about wrong.  An average nose with a smaller bridge  sits in the center of his face, maintaining his slim facade. Underneath his nose rest thin, light pink lips which cover his pearly whites and help pull the charming smile of his.

Yuuji's shoulders are broad, his physical appearance being lean and well toned, having a well built structure for his age and size. standing at five feet and eleven inches. He wears quite a simple outfit most of the time in which he wears a dark grey hooded jacket having the sleeves pulled up to his elbows in which underneath he wears a black short sleeved shirt. The jacket hangs down just at his waist covering the top half of a pair of dark blue jeans which have seen better days. This is accompanied by a pair of black and white high-tops which the top half is covered by his jeans. Accessory wise, Yuuji's hands and forearms and wrapped in bandages accompanied by a pair of black fingerless gloves.

A second outfit for warmer climates Yuuji wears a sleeveless, white vest with a sleeveless black vest jacket over the top. Yuuji still wears his dark blue jeans and are held up by a black and silver belt. accompanied by his usual choice of shoes. Accessory wise he still wears the grey saggy beanie to keep his wild unkempt hair in check, he doesn't wear the black fingerless gloves but keeps his hands and up to his forearms bandaged.

Personality: Yuuji is rather perceptive and shrewd person, he isn't one to do anything without good reason to do so and is quite respectful towards people and his opponents. He isn't one to pry into personal affairs unless he could help it in some way but only helps if he's asked. Yet as respectful as he is towards people, doesn't necessarily mean that he likes them. Yuuji usually keeps in his natural calm state without losing his composure, remaining rather astute in most situations, yet he does have a more devious side to him, getting enjoyment out of the small things such as watching a friend or family member get teased over a matter or somewhere along those lines. When angered all his normal personality traits go out the window and is replaced with fierceness and aggression while trying to fight back the corruption so that he doesn't give into those dark intentions, yet while in that state of mind it is hard to do so.

Primary Elements
Heart - Darkness

History: From when Yuuji was born, his family had settled down in Twilight Town. The boy lived in the town with his mother and father, his father was the head of his own business, already having high expectations after the birth of his son. Yuuji's father began his sons teachings at the age of four, trying to make his son follow in his footsteps. But Yuuji never seemed to show any interest in anything that his father tried to teach him, his life was just average, with no meaning and no purpose with each passing year. The years continued to go by as the relationship between him and his parents grew rough, their feelings were fake, they weren't happy with how his lifestyle was turning out to be yet they continued to act as if everything was fine and it was normal. What made it worse is that it was obvious, its as if they wanted him to know that they weren't happy with him without showing it properly, being nice about it wasn't the right way to go. Through out the years of growing up, making friends, losing friends and gaining new ones, his life was always changing but it never went too far from the ordinary life style it were as if the boys life was on repeat. Due to his family trying to force these things upon him, Yuuji never had a goal in mind, he had nothing to stick to, nor did he have a path that he wanted to follow, but some stories don't always get off to a quick start as now Yuuji's story was just about to begin.

Other Information
Origin: Twilight Town
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Family Count: Mother, Father: Only child.


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Re: Kazami, Yuuji

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:53 pm


Approved~! Have fun rping~!


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