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Samuel Crux

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Samuel Crux

Post by Samuel Crux on Wed Feb 25, 2015 3:38 pm

Name: Samuel Crux
Age: 19
Race: Nobody
Personality: Like most Nobodies he holds no true emotions which ironically enough pains him. He remembers his life in most details before losing his heart and desperately clings to his memories to stay a person. He relies on his own memories of feelings to define how to react to things, hoping that at least trying to uphold his old persona might make him more of a person than he actually is. Using his past actions as moral compass he usually refers to his past self as a seperate person, claiming that's what "he" would have done in the same place. Despite this he's discarded some of such traits since he deemed them trivial and outright silly in his new state of existence. For an example he used to have a hard time approaching strangers, a trait he discarded since it's very inefficient. While devoid of emotion he takes great offense when people points it out or mentions his state as a Nobody, displaying something similiar to anger. It would seem to most that he enjoys travelling since he does so a lot, in fact searching for the heart he lost, hoping to regain it.

He used to be the calm and collective sort of person, next to ice cold even before he lost his heart. Since after losing it he's strangely enough developed several traits he never possessed before such as being sarcastically polite and likewise a sarcastic sense of humour.  That being said he's been known to present fiery resolve in personal matters and if one would force his hands. He hada a sharp mind and was very perceptive, quickly adapting to most if not all situations. He was likewise reliable, but when his emotions got the better of him, he became rather impulsive and reckless in his action to the point of nearly being suicidal. He was very confident and housed great pride in his skill and mind. He used have a strong sense of what is right and a firm believer in the potential of the heart. He also possessed a strong sense of justice and is quick to act Jury, Judge and Executioner now that there's no social qualms to hold him back since he lost his heart.

When it comes to fighting he's merciless, making sure to completely dominate his opponent. He adapt quickly and bides his time as he waits for his opponent to exploit an opening, most often making sure when it would be best to strike before he does so, realising that not all enemies would exploit an opening he will often go on the offensive himself, making sure to make an opening for himself to exploit if neccessary. Samuel has a complex sense of honor; he regularly seeks to exact revenge for the cruel actions of his opponent, believing it to be just. He often taunts and belittles his opponents when fighting, sometimes attacking without warning and couldn't care less for whether he's being fair or not.

Samuel is a young man of slightly above average height with a lean, muscular physique. He has medium-length gray/white hair that has now grown to shoulder-length which is very spiky, silver/gray eyes, and his skin is somewhat pale. Samuel has an unusual scar on the left side of his face that starts as a pentagram on his forehead, trails down in a line that severs his eyebrow and mars his eyelid, and hooks slightly at his cheekbone and follows his cheek down close to his chin. It also has an extra line of scar tissue that runs parallel to his lower eyelid. This mark was granted to him after delving too far into the dark, a contant reminder of how gullible he had been. The skin on his left arm is very dark and even scale-like, his fingernails being black and growing out and arrow-shaped markings forming along his shoulder blade. Looking more like armor than anything else. In battle the arm "activates", covering it in actual armor and growing large, razor sharp claws.

He's usually seen wearing uniforms often consisting of concealing jackets and gloves, as well as pants and heavy duty boots, he might also be seen wearing shorter jackets and capri-like pants. He's most oftenly seen wearing gloves which conceals his hands. On top he's practically always seen wearing a white, otherwordly cowl and sleeve which almost seem to possess a life on it's own the way it moves. A masquerade-style mask is affixed his to the cowl, being detachable so he can wear it without putting on the cowl.

Primary Elements
1.) Nothing

Originating in Radiant Garden and born the 8th of August during the uprising of greater technology and the research into hearts and the darkness. While not from an overly prestigious he proved more capable than those who were and were highly regarded by his peers. He quickly took to studying and was considered a genius even amongst the adults and senior researchers of the castle who quickly took an interest in him. His parents were of course very proud of him, often commending him for his efforts. He also had a little sister a few years younger than himself who had taken to idolize him despite his own protests, honestly a bit emberassed by it. He stayed diligent to his studies, making several friends despite his quite nature. Then there was of course those who felt threatened and belittled by his obvious genius and did the usual showing who's boss routine, beating him up on the way back from school in the usual order. What they couldn't have expected was that a large heartless had emerged within the city walls and assaulted the boys. His attackers left in a hurry and Samuel still hurting from his ordeal cold you watch as it drew closer to him. Trying to fight back in his mutilated state the heartless crushed his left arm, leaving it limp. A group of people eventually arrrived to subdue it but there was no way to save Samuel's arm, leaving them no choice but to amputate it.

Despite the incident he stayed diligent in his studies and was eventually offered an intership at the Castle laboratories. In the beginning it was fine and he worked arounf the place as an assistant, contributing to the research in any way he could. The research of the heart and darkness had been banned by now as of the coming of the Heartless, leaving them with developing weaponry to defend the city. He was a bit dissapointed in all honesty, hoping to work with the mysteries of the dark and what not but couldn't exactly turn back now. That's when one of the senior scientists approached him and told him about a "Special" project they'd like him to be a part of. He assisted them in their special project which turned out to be a least to say abnormal way to exploit darkness. The entire concept revolved around that since Darkness is the hidden,the concealing and the secretive element which meant that all that one could possibly hope to know would be trapped in darkness, the light in contrast would illuminate these secrets and make them known. As such by going from this hypothesis they actually managed to gain secrets never seen before by drawing them directly out of the essence of darkness. After several attempts at gaining at least bits of hidden knowledge they tried to expand upon it; eventually gaining Samuel the strange mark on his face among other things. But they couldn't draw out the greater knowledge just yet.  

One day a strangely dressed man appeared out of nowhere as Samuel spent a night at the drafting table, with no results if I might add. The man claimed he knew how to properly manipulate the darkness to draw out these great secrets he craved so much. Samuel was eager to hear what this man had to say and listened intently. The man simply said that he could never hope to gain any greater knowledge under these controlled conditions. They had to approach the raw untamed darkness to gain the sort of knowledge and power they hoped to gain from it, the kind that could move worlds if neccessary. Samuel had his doubts and wasn't sure if approaching the darkness in a primal state but changed his mind as the man assured there would surely be a way to restore his arm if he chose to go through with it. Samuel figured he's be willing to take the risk if that's what he'd gain from it and temporarily had the dark core reactor overloaded to release a substantial amount of raw darkness to make use of. He made an attempt to reach to the instruments but was stopped in his tracks as the strange man pushed him from behind, straight into the mass of dark. The darkness was suffocating to say the least, clutching at the every fiber of his being, tearing at him. He felt excruciating pain and then suddenly, nothing..... The darkness dissipated and the young man fell down on his knees, not where he had expected though. There he was on the top of a cliff, loooking out over the castle he worked in, one of the lower levels seemingly on fire; his workplace.

He knew he should feel guilty for his reckless actions but did not, he knew he should feel happy for even being alive but he did not and he knew he should be sad over the obvious loss of his heart but he did not. He felt nothing, he breathed nothing......

.....He was nothing

Other Notes:
Samuel Crux

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Re: Samuel Crux

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 25, 2015 4:48 pm

Approved~! Have fun rping~!


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