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Post by Eno Vale on Sat Feb 28, 2015 5:01 am

Name: Eno Vale

Physical Age: 23
Spiritual Age: Unknown

Height: 6ft 9in

Weight: 225lbs

Eye Color: Amethyst

Personality: Eno's been through many things over the years. Because of this his personality has changed and developed with each new challenge, or lack thereof.

During the early years of his first life, he was an introvert, never really approaching others, or wanting to leave the comfortable confines of his imagination. Being excluded from many things during his childhood only exacerbated this condition. He had developed a severe lack of confidence to go with it, his eyes causing many around him to ostracize him out of fear. Thanks to the odd prejudice,  self-loathing would soon join the massive amount of negativity already emanating from the body. It got to the point where he'd look at himself through the reflection of a lake, or a mirror, and see not a pale skinned boy, but a monster.

But, as the years went on, and once he'd been given a chance to grow and develop, his outlook began to change as well. He kept the properties of a shut-in for the most part, but interacting with others on friendlier terms made things easier. He could look upon others with optimism and respect despite how they would treat him. Eno could approach others without fear of reprehension, and as they gave him a chance, the less the scrutiny he'd have to deal with. A few years down the line and the problems he suffered through as a child disappeared, giving him the opportunity to be an open and friendly individual.

No longer needing to retreat into a shell, Eno would openly interact with others, having it be rare to see him without a smile or some semblance of joy in the “aura” he'd give off. His nature, along with his positive outlook, would become infectious to those around, giving Eno a sense of charisma that came naturally. Realizing this helped edge away at his lack of confidence, but in return it gave him a tendency to come off as arrogant, but that's something he's learned to keep in check, having been exposed to it early.

There'd be more to it than that however, he'd learn what it meant to be responsible for one's actions, and the consequences of such, having not only seen it firsthand, but experience it for himself. To say that he was a perfect child would be a lie, like many others he'd let his ignorance get him in trouble a few times, but it didn't take him long to figure out what behaviors were acceptable and what weren't.

Becoming a “rebel” to the country he'd grown up in years later warped his outlook. While he wouldn't become prejudiced against the hybrid species that populated his planet, he'd start to feel hatred towards his fellow man. Seeing how humans would treat the half-species reminded him of what he endured when he was a child, trying his hardest to survive in spite of the odds being against him. Those flames would further fuel his rage as the months dragged on. Suspicion and paranoia would come easily, the rebel finding himself scrutinizing the morals and motives of his comrades. To this day he's come to realize he can't trust others at face value, making it harder to open up to new faces that come into his life.

As the fighting dragged on, the boy, now well on his way to adulthood, would learn a sense of honor along with a developing penchant for battle. Both would go hand in hand during combat, so much so that no matter the situation, he would always show mercy to his opponents, believing that if given the chance, they could see the error of their ways and seek to rectify their mistakes. While a bit naive in that sense, it made him out to be a valuable member of the army he'd joined, along with being a trusted leader among many others. He'd gone above and beyond the call of duty to come off as such, and would gladly do so again in the present.

However, when a certain event took place during that time, there'd been a drastic change. Said event took place no more than a few weeks before the regiment Eno was a part of took over.

Eno began to mistreat those who were weaker than he was, it didn't matter if they were with or against him, showing Eno to be a bit of a bully. The merciful part nearly disappeared, to be replaced with a lust for bloody combat, along with the torture of prisoners captured. He took a sort of sick pleasure in making those who went against the one he served suffer. It didn't matter the age, species, gender, or occupation, a smile would be planted on his face regardless, as long as he could be the one to deliver the punishments they would endure.

To his allies, his competitive nature would show in many forms. Whether it was performing a task better than someone, or simply beating them in sparring matches, it didn't matter. As long as all would recognize him as being the best, that was all he needed. His superiority complex could only be matched by his gluttony, emptying plate after plate into his maw whenever he could. Eno even began to steal food from the populace of all ranks. Peasant, noble, it didn't matter, if they had something available Eno would use his position to take it for his own personal benefit.

But, after months of acting this way, he slowly grew to become disgusted with how he presented himself. The reason for which, is that he took a good look at what he became, and he realized he was nothing like this before he joined his country's military. So, in order to try and make amends for his actions he forced a change.

The arrogance was brought down to reasonable levels, his boisterous words now said in a joking manner rather than being serious. He would only show pride towards accomplishments that deserved praise, which didn't come as often as he believed. Humbled by the stories told by those of the lower class, he swore he would never look down on them again. Instead of treating those weaker than him like dirt, he would  go out of his way to help them, to protect them from harm if it became necessary. Surprisingly, he would turn on his own allies if it meant the safety of others. The sadistic man who would torture the masses would almost fully regress back into the hopeful recruit he once was. The gluttony and greed would be replaced with a giving nature. Gold, food, clothing, new equipment, the betterment of the people around Eno became one of his top priorities, even going so far as to give away his own property without any thought of something in return. Not caring for what those he worked with thought of him, he continued to act however he pleased.

However, death would see a change to that as well. He did manage to retain the majority of his redeemed personality, however, paranoia would be added to the mix in thick portions. Due to his trials in Tartarus, self-preservation is now a huge part of what Eno is. While he will care for others, that part of him was a rarity. Because of this he can come off as callous, also, if he doesn't have to go out of his way, more likely than not, he will chose to keep to himself. Having been betrayed multiple times, along with being used as a puppet, he has become cynical, along with distrustful of those around him.

Eno is a bit of a pessimist, always seeing the glass as half empty. He finds it hard to find the good in individuals, believing their kindness being a result of hidden agendas rather than legitimate feelings. He's even become resentful, thinking the living take their gifts as granted, only further fueling his anger towards them as a whole. Yet, despite all of this, he is not unkind. Eno isn't a dishonest individual, unafraid to tell others the truth, no matter how harsh it is. To him, an ugly truth is better than a beautiful lie. Towards those he trusts he is loyal, along with a bit of a protective streak. Like an older sibling to the younger. As long as they're happy, he will consider himself happy as well.

Now, having been brought to an entirely different universe, and given a new chance at life, it is up to him whether his personality will remain the same, or change as time goes on...

Race: Human (Somebody)

Eno Vale KPj1ZYp

Appearance: Rather youthful at first glance, along with lacking facial hair, Eno may come off to many as inexperienced, or perhaps even lazy with the way his thick auburn hair is always pushed back as though powerful wind made it to be such a way. However, all one would have to do is look into his amethyst eyes, and such an assumption may just disappear. He always seems to have a far-off, blank look in his stare, as though he'd seen enough horrors to last a lifetime and more. Deep, dark lines reside just under them, giving an indication of insomnia. His time being spent dead, and not having to truly sleep, has made it hard for him to adjust to a fully functioning living body. Being rather fair skinned, when he steps out into the light some may see Eno as a ghost of sorts, luckily for him he never burns no matter how much time is spent in broad daylight.

When it comes to size, there are only a few taller than him. Standing at such a staggering height, he's able to look over the average man with ease, though that comes at a cost. Blending into a crowd is impossible, and it's safe to say that plenty of people will be staring his way, shocked by seeing someone a head or two taller than everyone else.

As far as clothing is concerned, he can typically be seen wearing his armored attire. Black leather gloves help keep his hands protected from the chill that seems to hang in the air of some worlds. A long, grey leather trench coat, the length of which extends to his ankles, provides the same sort of comfort when experiencing cold weather. A thin layer of chain-mail has been stitched into the coat, covering the majority of the coat, aside from a thin, rectangular border around the outer portions, along with the upper portion of his biceps. Two leather straps help keep his steel chest plate fitting him in a comfortable fashion. An additional four smaller straps keep his steel pauldrons in place. Two brass clips, along with a thick, tan leather belt, help keep the top portion of the trench coat closed, while the other remains open for movement. Black, knee-high leather boots allow him to move about treacherous, rocky areas with ease, however, because of them, extended travel will prove to be an uncomfortable experience for him. A thick, black scarf remains wrapped comfortably around his neck, providing additional safety from poor weather conditions.

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness (Heart Element)
2.) Moon
3.) Electricity
4.) Wind

History: Born from a single night of passion between a gladiator and street whore, Eno Vale would never know who his parents were, due to the embarrassment that would ensue should the populace find out. His father had a reputation to uphold, and to have a child from a woman who sold her body, would completely ruin it. His mother, when she gave birth, didn't bother to uphold her responsibility, instead she would bring him to an orphanage where he would grow up among the other rejected children of society. Even then, the accident would find himself to be an oddity among them.

Being born with a rare genetic mutation, giving his irises their unique, amethyst hue, the superstitious children wouldn't bother approaching him, the prejudices of those that are different, even among the society of their world, having been ingrained in their minds at an early age. While he wouldn't make any friends, the troublemakers wouldn't bother him either, essentially leaving him to retreat into the comfort his imagination would provide. The only attention he would ever seem to get would be through his caretaker, and that was more through obligation than anything else. The caretaker, in spite of this, legitimately believed he should have the same chance at life that the other orphans would be able to have despite their situations. For the first few years of his life the old woman would try everything she could to ensure his survival.

However, six years later, tragedy would strike the orphanage.

While the old woman was in the process of preparing their breakfast in the early morning, her fragile heart would take its final beats. As she fell, her body would displace a lantern, causing oil and broken glass to cover a set of nearby curtains. That in turn would set off a chain reaction, and within minutes the entire building would go up in flames. A simple displacement of good luck would be all it would take to throw Eno into the midst of chaos for a time. While the others would band together, and survive as a group of urchins, stealing and begging, the violet eyed youth was excluded, left to starve in the streets. For weeks he ended up sifting through garbage for any sort of scraps he could find, struggling to make it day to day.

Thankfully for him, this series of hardships wouldn't last. His luck would begin to turn around well into his second month of homelessness.

[More history to be added at a later date...]

Other Notes
1. His mental state is quite fragile.
2. His stomach is stronger than most, letting him eat a wide array of items so long as they're edible.
3. He might eat somebodies, heartless, or nobodies if given the chance when he's hungry.
4. Eno has a phobia of large bodies of water.
5. Eno has a phobia of fire.
6. His canine teeth are naturally larger, and more durable than average.
7. Eno has a soft spot for non-human hybrids.
8. Despite his heart element he holds no true alliance towards the light or darkness.

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Eno Vale Empty Re: Eno Vale

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:18 pm

Actually you have two advanced elements, Space and Moon. You should only have one.


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Eno Vale Empty Re: Eno Vale

Post by Eno Vale on Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:03 pm

Edited, replaced space with electricity.


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Eno Vale
Eno Vale

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Eno Vale Empty Re: Eno Vale

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:05 pm

Approved~! Have fun rping~!


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