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Post by Cadmon on Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:01 pm

Name: Cadmon
Age: Three months; appears 13-14 [Height 5'5]
Cadmon is an exotic character, riddled with questions of existence and survival. He severely doubts the human race and their chance at winning against the heartless. This specific heartless cares only about his own well-being and that of his brothers and sisters. However, Cadmon finds that humans are increasingly interesting, but he doesn't see them as "people". No. He see's them as food. The only plausible thing they are good for is quenching his hungers. He isn't bad, but he was constructed for experimentation, an experiment turned wrong.
Don't get the wrong idea, the dark-being does not know right from wrong, he has no ties to people. The ones' he deems friends are merely the people that he will not eat. Though to be quite fair; the longer he spends with someone, the more this unstable hunger progresses... As you can probably guess, he doesn't have many friends (q.q). He is quite lonely and for this he talks mostly to other heartless and ignores those with hearts when he can. Shadows, Red Nocturnes, you name it and those are his daily-social counseling. Cadmon actually prefers this versus having to socialize with somebodies, only because the screams they shriek give him nightmares... Those without hearts seem to make him feel normal though. They make him feel accepted. Cad suffers from ADHD and Dyslexia, as well as the Bi-polar shift when he is in need of hearts.
Race: Emblem Heartless


Primary Elements:
1.) Darkness
2.) Plant
3.) Time
4.) Fire

Combination Elements:
1.) Overgrowth
2.) Atrophy
3.) Smoke

Three months ago, Cadmon was crafted in a laboratory. The files and the people who made him is undocumented and not even the heartless himself knows. As he awoke on a metal table he didn't know anything about himself or where he was. Around his wrist was a bracelet with his name, and after exploring the premises of the area, the heartless retrieeved a lab coat. He through it over his body and walked outside the lab-building. The place was a rundown warehouse deep in Hallow Bastion/Radiant Garden's outskirts.
"Where am I? Why am I alone?" The boy questioned himself vaguely. He appeared to be around the early teenager's age, but his mind was as innocent as a child. After getting bored of his surroundings, he walked along towards the castle that shown in the distance... When he made his way into town a man and woman noticed him, they're names have been forgotten already. But they offered the boy a meal, "Well. I do feel hungry. Deep inside..." The boy assured himself that a bite-to-eat would be satisfactory. But when the plates of food were placed in front of him he just stared at down blankly. Before turning back and telling the couple that, for some reason, he felt he didn't eat this kind of cuisine. They nodded and made him a grilled cheese instead, however upon their return he was a different person. His eye's hungered for hearts. A wicked grin warped his image and he ripped their hearts away. Feasting upon them with a orgasmic feeling of pure enjoyment. When he came back to his senses their screams made him guilty, he cried for hours; begging their lifeless bodies to stand up and speak.
Cadmon's primal instincts had cannibalized the couple, the event could not be undone. Powerful time magic was out of the boy's level...
Cadmon searched the house for new clothes to replace the bloodstained lab-coat. Luckily there was a boy's room in the house. The couple's son had died months ago, and this was his old bedroom. They hadn't removed his things.
Now that Cadmon was alone he wished for a friend. His wish was granted when heartless appeared and listened to him, reconciled his griefs. The creature's had an emblem on their bodies, coincidentally it was on his to. Matter of factly, on the back of his neck was the matching insignia.
After only two months, of studying how they fed and lived. Being a heartless became second knowledge. These beings were his brethren. The heartless-boy soon learned of his own inherited homologous, magic powers obeyed him the way it did the others. He was a completed project for atrocity... Now he silently watches and calmly awaits what his destiny has in store for the future.

Other Notes:
Emblem Heartless are esoteric beings of darkness. They are artificially created shells of darkness that are based on the behavior of true Heartless. They are more diverse than standard Pureblood forms, coming in a variety of shapes and colors based on the world they inhabit. These are the Heartless most commonly encountered in the Realm of Light, as this was the Realm in which they were created. The following traits are planned for Emblem Heartless:

- They can use Corridors of Darkness passively

- They can choose any of their four elements to be drained for Health instead of receiving damage.
[Chosen Element: Fire]

- Their Heart element must be Darkness

- They can track Keyblades passively across all worlds

- When they capture Hearts, they do not release them into the Realm of Darkness. Instead they retain them inside of their      bodies, and gain a slight increase to power for each Heart they hold.

- All of their spells are augmented with Darkness
Unless destroyed by a Keyblade, they revive as though they have Immortality. However, all of their captured Hearts are lost.

- Emblem Heartless are effectively one tier higher when controlling Heartless.

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Re: Cadmon

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:11 am



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