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Changeling - Zulu

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Changeling - Zulu

Post by Changeling on Fri Mar 06, 2015 8:19 am

Name: Roy "Savage" Darkson
Unit: Changeling
Designation: Zulu
Age: [Redacted]
Old Personality:
Cold-hearted. Violent. Destructive. This is how he is to almost everyone. He doesn't care if anyone gets hurt, or if what he was doing was right or wrong in the eyes of others. All he cares about is survival. But that's not to say he is as cold-hearted as he seems.

Anyone who spends time with him will soon find out that he's not just a lost soul and has his soft spots. He has his regrets, but he chooses not to dwell on the past even though in reality he is haunted by it. He retains his conscience, a dangerous thing to have in his chosen road. He believes that if  he loses that part of him, he loses what's left of his humanity. Consider it his weakness.

Zulu possesses a calculating mind and an innate instinct for combat and strategy, though he seems pretty laid back and takes things as they come, only planning things out if he believes someone involved in the operation can't handle his seemingly reckless approaches. He's known for executing different style of tactics ranging from conventional to guerilla, and to over-the-top, which is his first choice if the means were there. He uses what he can get his hands on, and if he can't find something he needs, he'll either borrow it, 'borrow' it, or make it himself.

He doesn't show it in blunt ways, but he truly cares about the well-being of those under his care. In fact, at first glance, it would seem that he doesn't care about anyone at all but himself. But spending time around him will paint a different story. He won't stop anyone from getting hurt even if it was his orders that put them in harm's way, but at the same time, he tries to keep everyone alive. This was how he was raised, to see that the world is a battlefield, and only a fool would think they're invincible. He allows his charges to get hurt, and while this sometimes lead to death, it hammers in that fact. A lot of people can criticize him for whatever reason, but he rarely ever cares for them.

His sarcastic personality have both earned him a number of friends and enemies, and even frenemies. He often acts and speaks as he desires, but knows his boundaries in situations, although he might cross it as he pleases for his own amusement. But don't be fooled. He'd gladly stand in front of the line of fire to protect the people he cares about.

Race: [Somebody] [Human? - Cyborg]


Primary Elements
1.) Dark
2.) Moon
3.) Metal
4.) Thunder


History on Haven:

As a young boy, he was part of a militia, the "Blood Ravens" only one of many factions fighting over the scraps they could find. True to their name, they scavenged weapons, ammo and equipment whenever they were able. He fought as a child soldier, his emotions had been murdered by conflict, and death was a daily sight. Eventually the militia had been wiped out, and by that time his name was already feared and he had been given the title "Savage" for his brutal performance on the field. Following the militia's loss, he joined the military after escaping to a stable country. Their "harsh" training was cakewalk for him and he ended up on top in his regiment. Roy partook in an experiment, which he soon started to regret. He took a strong drug which gave him psychic powers, but he had to endure hellish days after that. News spread that the others who took the same drug had died, and soon everyone prepared his coffin. But to everyone's surprise, he came out as healthy as a horse, and jokingly called him a ghost, which eventually became his alias.

With his new powers, he dominated the field and soon the illusion of peace draped the country. One day he was caught in an ambush during their trip back to base from a routine patrol. An explosion sent a truck crashing into him, and that was the last time he saw any of his old buddies. The first thing he recalled after that was waking up inside a tank of liquid with an oxygen mask stuck to his face, then he passed out again. That was the last memory he had before they implanted devices on his brain to make him a toy to do their bidding.

As a cyborg with no free will, his first appointed mission was one that scarred him deeply. His family was now a proud owner of a mansion, after years of struggling in the war. Because he was from the military, the Syndicate responsible for his cybernetic conversion found it fitting to make him execute his own family. In the back of his altered mind, he was crying and shouting furiously as his body had no choice but to follow orders. The last moments of his blood was burnt into his brain. Bodies of his loved ones, he constantly sees. Their screams of anguish at the hands of one of their own, rang deep in his head.

He continued following orders, he killed, he slaughtered, he butchered many people, many of whom where his old friends in the military. By then his mind was dark. He lost his will completely.

As if it was further punishment, he was awakened again. He was caught in a blast that damaged the implants on his brain, releasing him from the Syndicate's control. He fled the scene and went underground as a mercenary, as killing was the only thing he knew, and the only thing he had left. Eventually, after the constant changes of power in Forge (one of the powerhouse country in his world), he managed to join their army as one of their espionage operatives, which worked nicely for him. After climbing the ranks, he could now put the hurt on the ones who turned him into what he was. At least that was his plan. Someone got to the Syndicate before he did, and destroyed them. He had lost his driving force and was left as a silent killer for the country of Forge, while still being strongly connected to the underground world.

Ghost got tired of what little remains he had of his humanity and let it all go, spruced up his old body with updated tech and made it that much more efficient. He dumped his secret goals of being fully human again and focused on improving what he had, and that was a fully mechanical body made from synthetic materials which were close to being considered as "living." The materials were tough yet flexible where they needed to be.

His reputation as a mercenary grew over the years and soon he was one of the most sought-after soldier on the market. Along with Rose, a Syndicate agent he befriended, and his former handler, they set up a mercenary business. At first it was only the two of them, but eventually other mercenaries began to flock to them until they grew large enough to be able to compete with the established 'security firms' out there. They were called the "Crimson Shadows". They had no specialty, and that made them valuable to everyone. Because of their diverse talents, they could be deployed to any job and complete them without having too hard of a time.

Alteria was a country for the lawless. It was a cesspool of criminals, and refugees. They had no leader for the longest time, but a man sought to change that. It wasn't Roy, but someone else with a desire to unite all. Roy had worked with them on a number of jobs, but when the leader disappeared and the country was left in shambles once again, Roy couldn't stand by and let all that progress go to waste. So he took up the mantle and moved his base of operations there. As the new leader of Alteria, he continued to unite the territories of the lawless into a single country, powerful enough to rival all of the powerhouses. He didn't plan on taking over any land, but aimed to make his country prosperous. Because his people came from all around, he put all their skills to use to make his country a unique blend of all others. The criminals were also rehabilitated and soon Alteria was a functional country. He didn't use any underhanded tricks to achieve any of this. He simply convinced everyone that Alteria was the paradise for the lost, and as long as they remained orderly, the paradise would always be their home. People there were on the same wavelength of thought, so it was easy to bring them all together. Of course, the trouble-makers were dealt with accordingly.

Not too long after taking control of Alteria, the country became safe enough for outsiders to be tourists. Under it all, the country became the largest hub of information as the underground groups made it their home. Roy was aware and let them stay so long as they didn't cause any problems. And if they did, he had only needed to remind them of what he did to those who came before them.

While running a country was all well and good, it got to the point where he was no longer needed. So he gave to spot over to someone he trusted and disappeared, returning to the simple life of a mercenary.

Entering MH:

Roy Savage, now known as 'Zulu' of the Changeling Project, was a soldier for hire who lost meaning in his life. His only goal was to become stronger, though he took care not to fall into the trap of power like so many before him. He chose to improve himself in such a way that it wouldn't turn him into a hollow shell of blind rage obsessed with perfection. He needed to be adaptive. He needed to be flexible. And he had to still be human, even if he didn't look like one at the end of his journey.

It made sense to him to volunteer to be subjected to a sequence of augmentations courtesy of a top-secret program known as "The Changeling Project." The Project was simple in its goal: Create soldiers with the capability to adapt to situations and environments at the drop of a hat, assume the forms and personalities of others, and become an ever-changing weapon unique to all others. To put it simply, Changelings were designed to become the next tier of replicas.

This kind of power though was difficult to attain and contain, and after suffering one too many loses, the project was shut down. At least that was what they wrote on paper. The truth was, after Roy had gotten his new toys, an implant in his head designed to take over his body failed to activate. Knowing this, and understandably furious, he took his cybernetic body for a spin and wrecked havoc on the facility, effectively shutting it down. He was the last one to be created, although it still isn't known if he was the only one to survive. It was only a happy coincidence that he was designated as 'Zulu', the last letter assigned to the last Changeling.

His rampage happened before he was completely done with the augmentations, so he lacks vital features that would have made him into a next tier replica, namely the ability to fully copy a person's personality, and the rapid adaptation that he was going for.

Radiant Garden was was the first ever world he visited before his own. A little while before arriving there, he was pursued by the people who sought to control him, the people responsible for the Changeling Project. He was attacked with heavy weaponry, and he couldn't do much with his new body as they stripped him of his previous capabilities. That was when a portal to the Garden opened up. Thinking it was from one of his people he jumped in.

Before and during the timeskip:

After waking up in Radiant Garden, the first person he met was a boy named Veara who lead him to a weapons shop to get a new strap for his gun. Shortly after, he roamed the Garden, learning little by little of this new world that was completely different from his own. It wasn't long until he met his first heartless. They invaded the town and he fought back, along with two others who happened to be nearby. One of those people, Marigold Darkson, after learning he was a mercenary, hired him for her cause. Roy, aiming to start making a name for himself from scratch, accepted. However, he was simply known as Zulu.

He learned that there were other worlds, and studied the nature of the Corridors of Darkness, and created a device that transported him to a number of different worlds on a whim, including his own. But he didn't return yet. He was confident his people could take care of themselves, and so he focused on making himself, his new body, stronger.

Long story short, he met a number of people along the way, learned about the heartless and the like, about the keyblades, and everything else he needed to know. Eventually, two of his subordinates from Haven found their way to the other worlds, and soon reconnected. Those two people were Rose, and Felicity. The latter was one of his most trusted lieutenants, who he liberated from a prison among others.

Zulu oversaw the defenses of Twilight Town when Marigold took over after a great tragedy.

An old enemy, Celina, appeared and Zulu, not wanting to drag his new employer into the fray, attempted to fight in the shadows, but after Lily, Marigold's younger sister, and Rose were kidnapped to make sure no one intervened in their fight, it was apparent that his enemy was there to settle the score the old fashioned way. Although Zulu lost the fight and was apparently killed, he did manage to save the two.

[Celina was a nanosoldier who went rogue and along with her two 'sisters', attempted to end all life on Haven with the use of a hijacked WMD. Zulu (back then was still "Ghost"), pretended to join them before betraying them at the last moment. Celina wasn't happy about that.]

Celina was still bent on destroying all life, and she found her new method in Deep Space. She forcefully took command of the Armada and was about to carry out her plan before Zulu, in a brand new body, appeared and foiled them. While Celina was badly damaged, Zulu saw it as a waste to simply destroy her. So instead, he reprogrammed her and turned her into one of his soldiers. Because of the damage Celina had done to the alien armada, Zulu took control of Deep Space to rebuild it all, just like what he had done with Alteria.

After the battle, he returned to his employer. He was still contracted to her after all. As time passed, their relationship eventually became more than just business partners after times of fooling around. Roy didn't mind taking Marigold's last name as he himself didn't have one in the first place. Using his nanobots and Marigold's own powers, a child was born, who grew up to be a strong woman with the leadership qualities of the mother, and the tactical mind of the father. Marigold trained Morgan on how to rule, as well as manners and everything else she needed to learn, while Zulu trained her in combat, tactics, and the technical operations of her nanomachines.

Other Notes:

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Re: Changeling - Zulu

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Re: Changeling - Zulu

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Re: Changeling - Zulu

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Re: Changeling - Zulu

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