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Post by Resnick on Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:53 pm

Name: Resnick  Shayle

Age: Appears 18

Gender: Genderfluid (often uses he/him pronouns)

Race: Humanoid (Marionette turned human)


Resnick can be described as lighthearted, far too much so for his homeland of Halloween town. (Trusting, fairly uncorrupted &sweet) More on the positive & cup half full part of life, although never stupidly so. He's naive to point too, having little o no experience outside the town. Some more childish antics seem to be drawn into his personality too because of his inexperience, although he tries to hold off on those urges, he sometimes unknowing gravitates into acting a certain way. He has the ability to be quite brash, & is rather experienced in fighting despite his ignorance on the matter (Lady Charlotte implemented knowledge during her numerous spells on the former puppet, in case things progressively grew worse & she was not there, he could defend himself). Prone to outbursts of anger in case an argument does not go his way too, emotion seems to pass swiftly & fluidly, for one second he could be explosive & the next calm. Resnick also has little self-restraint at times, leading people to believe he is a blank slate in terms of personality & can be easily influenced on which way to turn to. Otherwise, Resnick seems to be off in his own world, away from others & with the impending knowledge that one day soon he might be alone without anyone. Death is a tricky thing to understand, especially for one so young & closed off as he.

At 5'7", Resnick stands on a thin frame. Slender to almost a skinny point, he's still rather pale in comparison to most humans out there. Some could describe him as sickly looking. He has white hair, longish & somewhat curly towards the ends of some strands. His eyes are rather large, huge spheres of a pinkish colour to denote his albino-like traits. They seem almost unblinking at moments, & eerily to stare at for a long time. His clothes, for the most part, suit his theme: a white plain dress shirt with colourful polka-dot suspenders holding up thin black pants, he always attempts to wear something colourful to lighten up the dull & gloomy atmosphere surrounding him. Lastly, his body is tethered in some part by red stitchings around his facial area, neck & other parts of his body. They are for aesthetic & show, stitched on by himself to show what he was previously. He takes pride in the life his mother gave him, he's a 'real' child after all.
Primary Elements

1.) Light
2.) To Be Decided.
3.) To Be Decided.
4.) To Be Decided.


They often call him the witch's child around town.
 He's only popped up in the last fifteen years, & is considered an oddity amongst monsters & the undead. He seems to come out of old lady Charlotte's house to buy food & supplies, & is quickly ushered back inside. Most with flight capabilities often see him in her backyard, a sheet of paper & a few pencils in his stitched hands, furiously attempting to draw the old willow trees which make up her fence.
  Lady Charlotte had once been a fairly impressive witch around Halloween Town, not nearly as famous nor as wicked as most legends, but she had talent & a spark of creativity which helped to ignite the flare of the holiday. But as time flew by her, loneliness crept in, & soon she found herself growing older too. She finally pushed the fear aside, before her boils began growing boils of their own, & married her best friend. They lived 30 years with one another in their mansion, & became known as one of the town's most inseparable couples. It was not to last, as most relationships weren't. Sickness had taken hold, & so swiftly & silently, Lady Charlotte found herself alone again.

   After the death of her wife, she grew aimless. Planning Halloween year after year was not out of love anymore, but out of distraction. It was not until one late night where plans would change, & hopefully for the better.

  Her wife had always been fond of marionettes, of puppets, & more. But with a whole room devoted to these dolls, they had only began to collect dust. Her wife had no favourites, not that Charlotte could ever tell, & asking would always encourage another trip to the store. A favourite for a day, she would always say. So Charlotte was set to work on building her own with the help of a few friends & old books. Her process began with failure, with horrific & dull failures & disappointments one after the other.  Frustration was endless, daunting with her old age. She collected magical energy left by her wife, & left by her as substance for their 'child's' own magical talent.  It had taken five years to perfect the spell, to create flesh & bone out of wood & fluff. During that time her own illness had began to swallow her whole; trips outside had become too scarce & too few. Instead the newly made child had began to fulfill her duties, one after the other, the child began taking care of her home. Curious about the world around him, curious about the world inside his own home, he's always at his mother's beck & call, or he's reading books on spells & other such wonders. Life proceeds as normal for him, with a wavering fear that one day she may leave him as others talk about in books.

              She named him Resnick,
                                           & for now, he serves as her caretaker, & a loyal son.

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Re: Resnick

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:55 pm



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