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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Ebony Ballet

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Ebony Ballet Empty Ebony Ballet

Post by Lenneth on Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:48 pm

Ability Name: (Ebony Ballet)
Ability Type: (Ranged/Offensive)
Ability Cost: (130 mp)
Ability Cooldown: (N/A)
Ability Element: (Darkness)
Ability Description: ( Lenneth conjures a large spiritual of darkness graph on the ground around him that’s reaches about five meters away in every direction. The embed graph is shaped as a six pointed star with ancient runes lace the open spaces. The crest represents the element of darkness as such it absorbs such a deep array shadows the opponent might find their sight temporally gone. The while Lenneth/Hrist focus and directs all his powers into a focal point in the middle of his palm that when it is released it expands to an orb about three times as large his hand’s shape. He thrusts this deadly orb into the enemies body, its damage of unholy power constantly emits out his palm pushing out ward from the focal point. Till about his power is about to run out he concentrates the remaining darkness into a solid sphere and throws into the graph below. The mystic crest amplifies that energy a hundred times over and becomes unstable, firing its immense power upward in a slight horizontal angle as a large gasser of darkness (think of a whirlpool flowing in reverse and outward to the surface). The six points of the graph gathers some of the undomesticated energies and focuses them into straight columns of shadows (a meter in width for the columns themselves and five meters in height that they climb) these columns create a semi-translucent wall that prevents the targets from escaping the attack as the gash of magic forces them up and out ward. After which the attack levels out and the target lands. The final stage of this attack is when all remaining energy is drawn in his left hand, charged and fused with his own darkness then he fires on last beam of shadows that travels a maxim distance in width to finish of his attack at targets he choose dealing high darkness damage. The beam’s width is larger however its range is massive. Able to freely move while using the beam.

Lenneth can also freely choose to gather all the energy from the attack and simple fire the beam in a empowered state of damage, range and hit radius which negates the effect of the first half of this spell

Tier: 5th [Legacy] | MP: 875 | DP: 13
Ebony Ballet 4adc872d-7859-4686-911a-d2ebdb7e9ee8_zps6f3b92dd
The La Vaeas Of Darkness
The La Vaeas Of Darkness

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Ebony Ballet Empty Re: Ebony Ballet

Post by Tyler Saikou on Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:13 pm


Ebony Ballet OccLvhI

Max MP: 450
Max DP: 11
(Tier 4)STR(8)|(Tier 4)END(7)|(Tier 5)MAG(10)|(Tier 5)SPE(10)|(Tier 5)AGI(10)|(Tier 1) SYN (1)
Character Tier: 5
Tyler Saikou
Tyler Saikou
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