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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Blackest Night

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Blackest Night Empty Blackest Night

Post by Lenneth on Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:48 pm

Ability Name: ( Blackest night )
Ability Type: (Support/Field/Offensive)
Ability Cost: (110 Mp)
Ability Cooldown: (7 posts)
Ability Element: (Darkness)
Ability Description: ( Lenneth summons a beacon of darkness above to gather and embrace darkness in a very large area where he places it and around himself in a constant effect. It forms and gathers into a swirling storm of shadows that play along the skies of whatever atmosphere that he chooses, slowly drowning out the natural light of the skies each post in blackest till no light can shine. Lighted areas from torches and other man-made objects are not affected. While in this tempest of dancing darkness all of Lenny dark powers are greatly enhanced and light damage and/or effects to him are reduced. The longer the area flied spell remains the stronger its effect becomes over time as well as how difficult it will be to remove the effects from outside forces not under Lenneth’s will. If the storm is dispelled then its effects up until its cancellation will still linger on Lenneth before slowly dispersing each post before he returns to normal. This effect can also apply to any of his allies if he chooses it to. For his heartless this empowers their overall stat furthers, bodies and abilities as well. After three posts and the field effect is still present  the sky will cry slow move darkness as if it were a heavy snow storm, anything that touches the soft darkness will set it off and detonate a large explosion, all except Lenneth)

Tier: 5th [Legacy] | MP: 875 | DP: 13
Blackest Night 4adc872d-7859-4686-911a-d2ebdb7e9ee8_zps6f3b92dd
The La Vaeas Of Darkness
The La Vaeas Of Darkness

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Blackest Night Empty Re: Blackest Night

Post by Tyler Saikou on Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:40 pm


Blackest Night OccLvhI

Max MP: 450
Max DP: 11
(Tier 4)STR(8)|(Tier 4)END(7)|(Tier 5)MAG(10)|(Tier 5)SPE(10)|(Tier 5)AGI(10)|(Tier 1) SYN (1)
Character Tier: 5
Tyler Saikou
Tyler Saikou
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