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In the meantime. Competence Jailed.

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In the meantime. Competence Jailed.

Post by Simon on Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:48 am


...When you're dealing with being trapped under a few hundred pound of crystal, utterly immobile, you have time to think. Which is exactly the position one Simon Ambrosious found himself in.. He played the events over again, in his head... 
Disney Town was hellbent on not revealing its Keyhole. It wouldn't let him save it. ...Well, fine. At least he could save the people. Flying up out of the ruined Cornerstone Hall, astride his Waverider, Simon abandoned the castle, and the world, to its fate. 
Affirmative. Besides, seems the world wasn’t too keen on the idea, either.” He said into the intercom in his helm.

Simon hadn’t been expecting immediate success. Worlds are fickle, that way. But, he got the feeling that the world itself was actively denying him even the chance to help it. He was a tad bit frustrated; where were these people gonna go if the Heartless overran the world? Drowned it? …In the end, he reasoned, that wasn’t his business. All he could do is play with the hand he was dealt. So, after quickly surveying the area, and seeing most of the populace was, in fact, safe in the castle, in the process of evacuation, he gave his intentions, again.

Looks like you’ve got this well in hand, Axis. I’m going to do one last sweep, see if there’s any stragglers.

Speeding off toward the edge of the town, Simon wasn’t too bothered. Waveriders can travel the Lanes Between. He could always get back, easily enough, even without the Datascape Gateway. His keen eyes scanned the landscape as he sped by, unconcerned with the threat of world collapse, with an exit strategy in hand. …And, sure enough, he found one. A young man in mage’s robes. 
Swooping down from the sky, he snapped the boy up onto his Waverider, and turned to head for the castle.

Got one. Poor kid must’ve been too petrified to run; he’s lucky to be ali- …Oh, my god in heaven.

Simon’s report was cut off, even as he sped toward the castle, by the massive globe of shadow. …He knew that sign all too well. The World was dying. And, now, it was far, far too late to stop it. However, he wouldn’t have long to be awestruck. A metallic clang rang through his armor, as the boy spoke, loud enough to be picked up by Simon’s comms.

Surprise, motherfucker!

And, just like that, a Corridor of Darkness opened, sending Simon out of Disney Town.

…Now, if Simon had the mental time to react, he might wonder how the boy could conjure those foul gateways. However, he had no such time. The boy went intangible as they passed though the other end…

…And the Keyblade Foreteller slammed, at full speed on a Waverider, headlong into the wall of one of Radiant Garden’s many crystalline canyons. Moving that fast, and stopping that suddenly, via impact, stunned the man just long enough for the young man he’d seemingly saved to materialize midair. A blast of magic issued from his hands, detonating the crystal, causing the massive chunks to rain down on his helpless, falling victim.

No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose.” He grunted to himself, as he began to extricate himself from his trap.. 

Crystal ground against orichalc as he wormed his way free, making an awful screeching noise. Anybody out would hear it, curious and unnatural as it is. Anyone coming to investigate would find an armored, robed man pulling himself out from a colossal crystalfall, likely with just his legs left within.

…FAR more difficult to spot would be the seven figures on the edge of the opposite canyon wall. Draped in black, the seven seemed content to stare, observing the Moon-Child pulling himself from the fate his good deed had earned him.

Max MP: 510
Max DP: 14
STR: 5 (T3)|END: 10 (T5)|MAG: 5(T3)|SPE: 10 (T5)|AGI: 10 (T5)|SYN: 6 (T3)
Character Tier: 5

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