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Hayden, SoR

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Hayden, SoR

Post by Seeker of Retribution on Sun Mar 15, 2015 6:11 pm

Name: Hayden, Seeker of Retribution
Age: Less than a year
Personality: Arrogant and cold, ruthless and cunning. Hayden's defining traits from his previous life as a powerful Keyblade Wielder continue to inhabit this form. His personality has no shifted much beyond what it was. Hayden has always come off as a Sociopath, and now even more so. He operates with complete disregard for casualties outside of his goals. While he used to plan for a series of short-term benefits for himself and long term results for the many, he now focuses purely on his goals, having succumb totally to his own selfishness and ego. In this instance, he really will burn the proverbial chessboard to get what he wants.

He still, like his previous incarnation, has a knack for unjustified condescension. He operates without knowing or caring how other individuals feel, viewing his methods and his plans as inherently the best. To this end he feels no reason to share his plans other than for his own amusement. He does still acknowledge power, but he is a lot more ruthless. He picks apart his opponents, or leaves them be. He doesn't fight without need to fight. Provoking him in this measure is hard. However, in terms where it is beneficial or amusing, he will demonstrate his strength.

No longer does Hayden disguise himself as the Foreteller of Blades, and without his armor he would not be recognizable as such anyway. He still enjoys company if only to surround himself with suitable followers, but is not uncomfortable in crowds or by himself. This is in spite of his calculating nature, not because of it. He still goes through some effort to disguise himself, and blends with any crowd that can't tell him for his true nature. If he were to be revealed, he would probably take his exposure in stride.

A major reason he is a threat is his extremely practical and pragmatic nature. He will distract, divert, or kill wherever he can, drawing attention from his main goals if the situation calls for it. If no distraction is needed, he will merely move in on his target as silently as a shadow, and fulfill his goal. His little remaining jovial nature has also suffered a blow, being twisted into a more sadistic entity. His vulnerable emotional side is no longer as visible, and was way more absent. It's not entirely removed, but his humanity is now more difficult to reach than ever before.

His goals have shifted, but he still lacks the raw malevolence of lesser forms of Heartless. While others around him crave hearts and he too feels the hunger edging at his psyche, he is capable of ignoring it. He has goals to accomplish and intends to accomplish them, and will do this without care or regard for those who oppose him.

Race: Seeker

Appearance: Hayden is a physically fit male standing at about 6'0". His face is fairly handsome with sharp features. His chin is pointed and his nose as well, with eyebrows like razors and eyes of a slate-gray color. His skin is light brown and his hair black, his teeth slightly yellowed from normal wear. He is quite svelte, well toned and fit, but his eyes are a striking shade of amber-gold, characteristic of those tainted by strong darkness.

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Time
3.) Rust
4.) Glass

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Re: Hayden, SoR

Post by Zyvonia on Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:59 pm

Approved. I guess.

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