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Upgrade [PM Invite; Tyler]

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Upgrade [PM Invite; Tyler]

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:53 am

Sun rise. An eerie glow slowly rising from beyond the hills. Through the trees of a forest and cross the stone cobble paths. The first signs of morning dawned upon the small town of monsters. Central square tranquil with silence as not a single being could be seen quite yet. Most more or less still slumbering while others were just getting out of bed. Another beautiful day was on the horizon and it was just beginning.

While the morning went on with monsters crawling from their homes. Something took attention that set the first sign of commotion in the land. Near the fountain a weird formation took its place. A warp in the atmosphere that twist and turned until finally an ear splitting crack sounded. From the warp a split opened up. It was a portal from which a foot stepped out followed right after by a person. Before them was a women with crimson hair dressed in lab coat. This appearance did not last however as when she continued forward her original form went away. In it's place a black and red wolf with a silver mane and beastly glowing eyes. Such a form was forced upon her as required by the natural laws of the world. Not that she minded too terribly. If anything is was a neat little side effect to enjoy from visit to visit.

Not one to want to waste precious time she gave a gentle wave towards those who witnessed her entrance. From there she moved herself in the direction of the Pumpkin King's manor. Today a new terminal would be installed. A mutually beneficial upgrade to the world for them both. Her ADMINs were on standby awaiting orders back in the Datascape. At her call preparations she had made days prior would be set into motion.

Up a short flight of stairs she took her time to appreciate her surroundings. Though this was a world of nightmares and screams. It had a quaint appeal in the hours of daylight that made it all the more beautiful in her own eyes. This world she had once had the privilege of calling home. She would do well to protect it with her life. A deep breathe as she took in the morning air. The cold sensation a refreshing feeling from within her lungs as she proceeded to the front door of the King. Hopefully he was awake otherwise the loud knock she produced would be a rather annoying wake up call.


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Re: Upgrade [PM Invite; Tyler]

Post by Tyler Saikou on Wed Apr 15, 2015 12:14 pm

Upon knocking on the door, the ruler of Radiant Garden would find it opening before her, a small girl that seemed rather radiant, but also very annoyed being the one standing before her. Ah, you're here. The Pumpkin King is currently visiting the good doctor, who is helping him design the defenses for our quaint little town here. He will likely be missing for quite some time, but I take it your here to install your end of the deal you made with him? She asked, her tone being that of a scholarly woman rather than a little girl. Nothing was said after that, as the girl gestured for Axis to follow her, leading the way to the place where the terminal had been agreed to be installed. There was a hidden room within the mansion, and it was of perfect size for a Terminal to be hidden. She simply stepped into the room, another woman awaiting her...this one would likely jolt a memory for Axis. She had white hair, a short and slim stature..and most importantly, she had a striking resemblance to the leader of this world. This was this universes version of Aria. Sadly, this version did not know her brothers ally any more than what she had been told, which was not very much at all. She would need to hold her tongue. As the two women entered the room, Aria crossed her arms, a seeming scowl on her face, as always. So brother dearest has told us to accompany you while you install..whatever it is your installing, prevent people that aren't him from seeing it or something. I don't like it, I'd rather be out doing something more important than watching someone build something, but he pulled the authority card, so I guess I'm stuck here. She said as she turned around and uncrossed her arms, taking a few steps forward and pounding on the wall with the end of her fist, causing a false panel to fall down, revealing a space that was likely more than big enough for her needs, with wiring and things for power readily accessed.


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Re: Upgrade [PM Invite; Tyler]

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 26, 2015 6:48 am

To surprise the knock was met with the presence of a small child. A female who looked well into young years and yet the tone in her words spoke towards the contrary. As if to suggest maturity beyond the visible adolescence. Through the decades Axis had grown open to the concept of people being not necessarily what their physicality suggested. Even so each time it was still a little outstanding. Just a little less and less each time was all. In that moment the girl's entrance was unexpected indeed. If anything she hadn't thought that Tyler would have surrounded himself with others so soon. Being the King of a planet however did grant benefits. In that case one could only imagine what his blushing bride-to-be-once-more had to say on the matter. No doubt the enthusiasm was lacking as far as it was all concerned.

Not that it was any of the MCP's business to be truthful. Safely so at that lest the blonde knight valiant want to ring her neck later for such thoughts. Back to the point Axis bowed her head and was about to further the introduction if not for the girl getting straight to the point. A proper approach if anything. Without another word Axis followed close behind her until the two entered a room secluded away from the rest. An unsettling feeling on the concept came about with no acknowledgement. The last thing needed was to set anyone close to Tyler on alarm for any reason. Instead Axis would keep the location as a mental note for later and go over how exactly she was going to make this work to her advantage. Regardless of all that kudos to the kid for thinking more safe strategy. Seems her warning about integration had not went unheard nights before.

Into the room and another presence was made known through a complaint or two. Tyler's cohorts confirmed and none too pleased with the arrangements for whatever reason. That being the case it's not as if she had asked Tyler to order the two to be here for the installations. In honesty Axis would have preferred to work in the peace of silence. Unwatched and uninterrupted but that was clearly not becoming an option. Such trust, already wavering, another mental note to take for later. This time in succession Axis bowed her head to the second woman. In that instant the female's looks striking a cord of some kind of small familiarity which lasted no longer than seconds at best.

Not here to make friends, Axis' eyes glanced at the panel revealed by the older woman then slowly about other areas in the room before they would fall back on her. "Forgive me. It was not my intention to have escorts during this installation. I was under the impression that he and I would be meeting or at the least that I would be working alone for him personally." The expression on the red head's face remained solid and straightforward. The whole time making sure to keep eye contact with Aria.


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Re: Upgrade [PM Invite; Tyler]

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