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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Gabriel's skill tree

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Gabriel's skill tree  Empty Gabriel's skill tree

Post by Lenneth on Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:53 am

[*Note: All attack based skills are magical, effected by all things that the magic stat and magical abilities]

Base Ability: A fiery breezes- Fire magics or natural used by gab are manipulated and strengthened further the winds in the area of the ones he has created. Such intense heat will also have the added effects of twisting effects on the senses and even the mind as unreal images freely form even as the waves of heat fade.
Base Ability Cool Down: N/A

Tier One
1st Skill:
Twisted in darkness- Flames that are used by gab cannot generate light if it Gabriel does not wishes to use a bright source of sight. Instead the flames are coated in darkness, giving them a tint of dark tones but do still do fire based damages.
2nd Skill:
Fire to the rain- Gabriel generates a large amount of heat surrounding his boy before forming it into many tiny spheres of compressed forces that are the sizes of marbles that float around him. They can either encircle him or he can fire each single one into a powerfully shot with powerfully air pressuring firing them at tremendous speeds. The bullets can cut clean through weaker substances like stone or average metals, hits on stronger matter will result in expensive blasts of large outward forces of air pushing out from the impact and spreading the pain. 2 post cool down

3rd Skill:
Hidden in place sight- Heat generated by flames will allow Gabriel to use the distortion of light’s sights to mask his magic and further fires of hell. Gab is able mask his flames from sight and sound even as it spreads to over a wider area or he can simple create more illusionary fires placed around the area to fool those into believing of greater fires waiting.  

4th Skill:
Branded- Gabriel is able to super heat any metal in a moderate distance around him, focusing the heat of his magic’s around the targeted metal as it dims red quickly gaining more intensity the longer he focuses. Wood or lower tier matter such as fabric also can be targeted by instead is set ablaze instead. 2 posts cooldown

5th Skill:
Blow you down- Gabriel chances himself into a quick moving gust of wind, in this form he can move from one location to the next as strong winds that are able cut, slice and dice as he moves, flying at any direction of his choosing. 1 posts cool down

6th Skill:
Dark sabre- Gabriel is able to form a solid pillar of darkness that he is able to free form at the tips of his hands, hardening it into and ripping energies that he can swing as a sword like ability.  

Tier Two
1st Skill:
Solar twister- Gabriel creates three large twisters of fire that twist and move at his wing along the ground, circling Gabriel quickly before he fires each them in a direction of his choice leaving trails of lesser fires in their path. Those caught in the vortexes will experiences intense fire damage and continuous burns from the circling fires. 3 posts cool down  

2th Skill:
Nova- A devastating mass of high temperature focused into a comprised into any corner of space within a large distance around Gab just from his will. With his signal and activation of the blast a large explosion of fire and radiance that erupts from the focal point of the explosion large one trying to knock them away. The large one has a blast radius dealing third degree burns. He is able to use this three times before going on cool down. 3 post cool down

4th Skill:
Dark ignition- Any current flames or burns that is in the area around Gabriel is able to trigger this allowing Gab to greatly strengthened those open flames or burns to a greater degree and replenishing  freshness.

5th Skill:
Falsification-Damage caused by Gabriel tricks and twists the senses of his victims each time that are touched by his flames, feeling from damage could easily vary, they might not see where their wounds are or where attacks are coming from, they might hear a blast where none lays etc

5th Skill:
Gusts- Gabriel is able to produce friendly winds that greatly to enhance the speed and force of any flames in the direction that he creates and spreads it at wider ranges. Other friendly allies and projectiles are also given the speed boost. Opposing direction has the inverse effects slowly down the effects. Using his wings at the same time enhances the effects but prevents Gabriel from flying while using this.  

Tier Three
1st Skill:
Firaga ball- Gabriel conjures a massive fireball overhead, the ball then constantly expels a large number of smaller fireballs that home and track down targets at moderate speeds attempting to continuous pelt them in fire damage. 5 post cool down

2nd Skill:
Fusion flare- Gabriel generates a large amount of heat to gather at a target location that smoothers that sphere of space in raging flames for two posts, the flames strong enough to physical toss and disorientate targets in their path. After the third post the sphere erupts into a large explosion expelling anything inside it. 3 post cool down

3th Skill:
Dark Aeroaga- Gabriel is able to conjure sphere of twisting winds empowered by darkness that forms around his body and others that he deems as allies, flowing their bodies as they move. The winds themselves are quite strong throwing off many different kinds of projectiles (magical or physical) and toss them around him. Close range attacks have their force and damage to Gab reduced while the winds also quickly can cut apart flesh to foes that get to close. 3 posts cool down

4th Skill:
Extreme Heat wave- Gabriel exudes and incredible amount of heat off his body,  empowered by darkness he quickly spreads it over the entire battle flied each posts for three posts while temperatures increases at absurd levels at a rapid rate each post, melting plants, stone and flesh among many other forms of matter within the area. Already existing flames or items set ablaze are heavily empowered in size and damage while now under Gabriel’s control. Each post for the three Gab cannot move and can use any other abilities outside the fire control.  5 posts cool down

Tier: 5th [Legacy] | MP: 875 | DP: 13
Gabriel's skill tree  4adc872d-7859-4686-911a-d2ebdb7e9ee8_zps6f3b92dd
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Gabriel's skill tree  Empty Re: Gabriel's skill tree

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 05, 2015 4:49 pm



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