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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Lore Moogle on Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:50 pm

  • Once your character has been approved, you can make alterations to your character sheet without need reapproval. Only information that has not been established in an RP topic can be changed, however.
  • If you make any changes, whether an altercation of original information or an addition of new information, you need to post in the topic, listing what you have changed.
  • Example #1: Bob has green hair and black eyes. His appearance has not yet been described by Bob or anybody that he has RPed with. He can go and edit his original appearance.
  • Example #2: Bob is a good guy. After RPing with people while acting like a good guy, the member who controls Bob realizes he doesn't like being a good guy. However, his personality cannot be changed because it's already been witnessed in a topic.
  • You can alter something about your character that has already been established IC if you explain or justify the change IC. In this case, you would keep the original information and just add on the new information.
  • Example #1: Bob originally thought that his father had died due to an accident. He learns from his rival, Jerry, that his father was actually murdered. Rather than rewriting Bob's history, the person who controls Bob would just add in a few more lines at the bottom of it, explaining the revelation.
  • Example #2: Bob is a kind hearted and gentle. He then has his family murdered in front of him and goes insane, violent, and mean. Bob's original personality has to stay, but the changes to it can be added, explaining the change in personality.
  • Elements are a different case. They follow the same rules as everything else in a character sheet, except there is also a time limit. Once your character is initially approved, you will have a 30 day grace period. If you have not used an element in ability, skill, summon, item, or etc., in a topic and it has been less than thirty days since you've been approved, you are free to change your element.
  • If you are past the 30 day grace period and you have never used the element, you may make an appeal to a Lore staff member and get their specific approval.
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