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Death and Resurrection Policy Empty Death and Resurrection Policy

Post by Professor Velox on Wed Jul 22, 2015 9:47 pm

In a reality where the soul and afterlife exists, it changes the meaning of death. There is no permanence of death, however it is a necessary factor of life. While the deceased may return again, it will come at a great price.

- With the exception of the current Underlord (Shirou), immortality is not possible. Once the soul of the deceased enters the Underworld, it is bound and cannot leave the realm without the direct intervention of the Underlord.
- A soul of the deceased is tethered to their body for exactly four hours after death, where it will be then be sent to the Underworld.
- A soul of the deceased may be returned to their body if there is a great sacrifice that is equal or greater than the life of the deceased. This can be anybody, including the deceased, though the sacrifice offered must be of relative importance. (Sacrifice Examples: first born child, personal item that holds great sentimental meaning, or a status or position of power).
- A soul of the deceased may alternatively be returned to their body if they accept a specific task, or series of tasks, given to them by the current Underlord. They may request this deal at any time, however they only have one chance. If they fail, they must either resort to the prior option or give up.
- If the currently Underlord is "killed" in battle, the victor will be able to break the binding of the soul and return them to the world of the living.
- When a trade is made or a task is completed and the body is no longer in working condition, a new one will be created that will perfectly match how the body was before they died, with the exception of any previous injuries, scars, and etc...However, in the case the soul was won through killing the Underlord, no such body will be supplied. The soul will be incorporeal and comatose (think Meg in Disney's Hercules) and will be so until put into a body, either the original or a new one that lacks a soul (mechanical or organic).
- These rules cannot be altered in any way by the current Underlord unless they are no longer the Underlord, which by then only the new Underlord would be able to decide them.

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