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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Raid, Quest, and Event Information

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Raid, Quest, and Event Information Empty Raid, Quest, and Event Information

Post by Faye on Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:35 pm

Game Master wrote:Wow, this was quicker than expected. I would like to thank the hardworking members of the Raid Discussion Group for helping us reach this point. Harlow, Shirou, and Faith acted in collaboration with myself and they've produced a wonderful outline of what Raids, Quests, and Events will be.

Let's hop to the meat of it: Raids.

Raids are events that are either canon, or non-canon, depending on the scale. For the most part, most Raids will be small and quest like in nature, taking place in caves or the deepest part of the woods, far into the desert, or in abandoned areas of a world. Essentially, a canon Raid is a small event perpetuated by any individual Tier 3 or lower. While Tier 4 and Tier 5 characters can partake of raids, these Raids take place in the Mirage Arena, and while they may be canon to the arena are not necessarily considered canon elsewhere. Both canon and non-canon Raids will yield rewards.

A Raid consists of two phases: the Dungeon, and the Boss.

The Dungeon is the exploratory phase, and it's duration and difficulty are determined by the members. They may choose to flesh out the dungeon they are within by discovering (read:creating) various plot elements within it to make the adventure more riveting, or they may go directly for the boss. Spending more time in the Dungeon before facing the boss will yield potentially greater rewards at the conclusion of the Raid.

The Boss is a large and powerful monster concealed within the Dungeon. It's abilities may vary, and as a group of adventures you face a very real chance of defeat or death. The Boss will attempt to destroy you with all it has. The boss may be anything from a Dragon, to a Darkside, to something entirely new. If you KO a boss, you may bind it as a Summon. Doing this requires the boss to be approved as a summon, and takes up a slot.

At the end of the encounter, the Raid will be graded by Technical Staff. Based on their assessment of your performance, the players will be rewarded with items, synthesis materials (coming in a later update) and statistic points.

There are four different kinds of Quests to be had on Mirage Hearts. Quests, Plot Quests, Non-canon Quests, and Custom Quests. The point of these quests are to largely be more plot impactful not just for characters, but for the general site plot.  They aren't without material reward and following a quest line gives greater rewards than just Roleplaying, but their primary purpose is to affect a tangible change on the worlds.

A Quest, also referred to as a Normal Quest, is a general adventure story. A character or group of characters of varying backgrounds seek out an item from Disney, KH, or FF lore as well as custom lore in some cases. If the quest is performed well, they receive the item they were looking for, but only for plot use unless otherwise prepared for Meta by collaborating with Technical staff. In this case, it will take up a slot.

A Plot Quest is a quest whose outcome,  or lack thereof, will have a specific and defined impact on future site events. For instance, a person may commission the group to poison a barrel of water to make enemy soldiers ill. They may choose to do it this way, or simply kill all the soldiers, or instead poison the townsfolk they were meant to help, or even doing nothing at all. However they approach and resolve the situation impacts the next site plot, for better or worse.

A Non-canon Quest is a quest that does not actually occur. These quests are not usually made by staff but instead created by members. Thus, their value is in defining character personality and actions. In some cases, official non-canon quests will be created of great difficulty, and beating them will yield great rewards.

A Custom Quest is a Quest that a member generates and staff approves. This collaborative effort results in a Normal Quest or Non-canon with a specific goal that must be accomplished. By working with staff, members are able to make quests that have rewards.

When two or more quests are connected through plot, this is called a Questline. Each Quest has its own rewards and objective, but they are all connected.  Finishing a Questline yield better rewards than finishing a Quest. However, finishing any quest staff is involved with will usually result in items, synth materials, or statistic points.

Events are initiated by staff, and by staff alone. More usually events are created and run by members of lore staff, and they may often time enlist members of the site to help manage the events as a whole. These events are either standalone or connected to the main site lore, but have lasting effects regardless of who participates or who doesn't. Success or failure will permanently, potentially majorly, alter the site. Participation in these events will also, usually, yield rewards.

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