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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Child of Sin

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Child of Sin Empty Child of Sin

Post by Silvia Darkson on Wed May 11, 2016 4:29 am

Base Ability: Flawless Rebirth -- At Silvia's discretion, she can heal any injury she suffers, as well the wounds of anyone in contact with her. Additionally, this allows her to slightly modify every feature of her body like hair/eye color, hair length, chest size, etc, but this won't let her grow or shrink bones so height can't be modified, although they can be healed. Her endurance passively regenerates severely per post. Even when knocked unconscious, she can still be revived if left alone.
Base Ability Cool Down: Passive

Tier One
1st Skill: Empathy -- Silvia can feel what others are feeling around her, and also give her hints to their intent.
2nd Skill: Sin's Ballad -- Silvia's MP cannot be forcefully reduced or negatively affected.
3rd Skill: Mothers' Aspects -- Silvia inherited certain aspects from her mothers, namely her fangs, prehensile tail, and wings which allows her to fly. All these can be extended and retracted at her discretion. Silvia can also sniff out the smell of blood due to her vampiric inheritance.
4th Skill: Tireless -- While she shows exhaustion from exerting huge amounts of effort, she is never too tired to do anything at less than full capacity, however once her endurance reaches its limit, she will collapse.
5th Skill: Stolen Knowledge -- When hit by a spell or an ability, Silvia's energies reverse-engineers its construction, allowing her to cast an identical spell which is stored for the rest of the topic. The spells are less effective if its not aligned to her elements.

Tier Two
1st Skill: Charmed -- Silvia has an irresistible charm around her that makes enemies deal moderately reduced damage to her from physical and magic attacks. This charm blocks out all emotion-altering effects against Silvia.
2nd Skill: Duplicate -- Silvia creates a double of herself with half her stats, except magic. The duplicate will benefit from the same buffs and suffer the same debuffs Silvia was affected with at the time of creation. However from that point on, they are affected individually. All abilities, cooldowns and MP pools are shared. CD: 3 posts
3rd Skill: Dark Bondage -- Silvia spiritually binds her soul and the souls of up to two others, allowing damage to be split between them. She controls how the damage is distributed. People under this bond can experience all others' pains, pleasures, and other emotions, however Silvia can choose to block out all or only a certain few of these at her discretion. Healing can also be shared through this, which includes passive regenerative healing.
4th Skill: Assimilated Knowledge -- Drinking the blood of people gives Silvia temporary alignment to their elements for the rest of the topic. Vomiting out the blood removes this alignment.

Tier Three
1st Skill: Enhanced Duplication -- The duplicate now has access to skill trees, however any active skills still have share cooldowns. The duplicate's stats are one tier lower than the original's.
2nd Skill: Soul Fire -- Silvia can fully or partially coat herself and her weapons with demon fire which can severely burn whoever touches them. Whenever Silvia lands a hit, she steals 30 MP to replenish her own pool. Any excess will simply be destroyed. This fire can't hurt allies directly, but they can still feel the heat.
3rd Skill: Siphoned Knowledge -- If Silvia makes contact with an entity, she can choose to siphon their abilities and elemental alignments. This allows her to activate Assimilated Knowledge without needing to drink blood, and as such she is able to cast the spells and abilities of targets that couldn't normally be assimilated. She is stunned for one post after siphoning because her mind is being invaded my new information.

Character Tier 4
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Child of Sin Empty Re: Child of Sin

Post by Veara on Wed May 11, 2016 8:08 am


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