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Lorencia Empty Lorencia

Post by Lorencia on Sat May 14, 2016 1:04 am

Name: Lorencia
Age: 28
Species: Nobody

Primary Elements
1.) Nothingness
2.) Wildfire

Personality: Although she's a nobody, Lorencia projects an upbeat attitude most of the time, and is a bit more socially active than the average nobody. This is due to her inherent but nurtured talent for acting, which was something left over from her Somebody. She's so good at it that no one can tell the difference at a glance. When she walks, there is a distinct bounce to her step, but catch her off guard, and her inability to express genuine emotion is made apparent.


History: From what she gathered from dreams, or as some would say, 'visions', Lorencia was a young woman who was naturally gifted in the arts of magic and summoning, as well other talents, most notably from the theatrical scene.

When she first awoke as a Nobody, she was with a caravan that reportedly found her passed out and unresponsive by the edge of Radiant Garden. Thinking that she was going along their way before she became unconscious, they took her with them. She didn't have any telltale wounds or other injuries, so they chalked it up to simple exhaustion. They also mistook her staff as a keyblade, and thought it would be a good idea to have her along.

She didn't have any recollection of anything, and what she thought were her memories came from dreams. However, she knew there was at least one person who knew who she was because she found a note in her clothes that instructed her to find others like herself, and that she'd know who she would be looking for when she sees them.


She found these other Nobodies, a whole bunch of them, but the ones she stuck with the longest were Valerie and Devias, the latter being the same school as she was from. After defeating Cort and disrupting the cycle of death and rebirth of nobodies in order to raise an army of heartless (refer to Val's History for the whole story), Lorencia found herself awakening at the front of the Castle of Dreams, which soon became a place where Nobodies gathered. Like everyone who fought in the battle with Cort, she had sacrificed the heart that grew in her, and returned to being a nobody. Only a fragment of her memory remained, and she left to wander once again, periodically returning to the castle to see the friend she once had.

Other Notes:

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Lorencia Empty Re: Lorencia

Post by Faye on Sat May 14, 2016 4:39 am


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