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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Shadow of Famfrit

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Shadow of Famfrit Empty Shadow of Famfrit

Post by Yukina on Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:04 pm

Summon Name: Shadow of Famfrit [Aquarius]
Drive Cost: 4DP

Statistics: Famfrit is a creature with high strength and endurance. When underwater, he also has very high speed and agility, however outside of water he is incredibly slow, to the point that he is almost incapable of movement. He also has fairly limited magical potential, and is incredibly weak to plant, ice and electricity magic.

Abilities: The majority of Famfrit's usefulness comes from his physical bulk and power, dealing devastating blows with his many tentacles. However, he does have a few abilities and quirks worth noting, mentioned below.

Dominion - Water spells used against Famfrit heal him, rather than harm.

Ink - When underwater, Famfrit can excrete a huge amount of ink, making it incredibly difficult to see.

Tsunami - Famfrit creates a giant wave of water in one direction, which is very difficult to avoid and deals high physical damage to all foes caught within.

Personality: Incredibly stoic and quiet, Famfrit does not typically talk very often. He is incredibly loyal to Yukina due to a long withstanding connection, and when summoned by her takes his duty very seriously.

History: As with nearly all of her summons, Yukina met Famfrit during a meditation session. While connecting with the spiritual world, Yukina encountered Famfrit battling off a horde of vicious sharks attempting to steal his power. Using her incredibly powerful manipulation of water magic, Yukina defended Famfrit in return for his undying servitude. He vowed to come to the Witch Queen's aid, whenever she might call for him.

Tier 5 [27] || MAG, SPE, AGI, END*
Tier 2 [11] || STR
MP || 450
DP || 15*

*Indicates an augmented attribute.

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Shadow of Famfrit Empty Re: Shadow of Famfrit

Post by Game Master on Wed Jan 14, 2015 6:19 am


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