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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Typhokinesis Empty Typhokinesis

Post by Edis Rehtona on Sun May 22, 2016 4:12 pm

Base Ability: Smokescreen - Using his powers of smoke, Edis can cover an entire 30mx30mx30m area in smoke, allowing any of his skills or abilities that use the smoke element to be activated anywhere within this area. This lasts for 10 posts
Base Ability Cool Down: Once Per Topic

Tier One
1st Skill: Edis can manipulate the element of smoke in whatever way he desires, being able to manipulate density, volume and mass to serve his needs
CD: Passive
2nd Skill: Being made up of the elements of Fire and Plant, Edis can manipulate both of these elemtns in the same way he can smoke.
CD: Passive
3rd Skill: Anything caught within an area where smoke is present, Edis can tell their location and body structure.
CD: Passive
4th Skill: Edis can produce smoke from his body to latch onto his opponent, able to act as a tracker of sorts, telling Edis where that person is in any world for a period of 3 day (IRL)
CD: 6
5th Skill: Edis's smoke is naturally very dense, meaning that anyone caught within is only able to see silhouettes of people/objects within 7m of their position, and actual details within 5m
CD: Passive

Tier Two
1st Skill: Using his powers of Smoke, Edis can propel himself into the air 50m and then use the smoke to allow him to glide back down. He can stay in the air for a maximum of 5 posts, losing 10m in height per post in the air minimum.
CD: 9
2nd Skill: Edis can use the smoke to create apparitions or illusions, formless shapes and people. While he can't replicate any voices, he can create life like and realistic looking creatures that dissipate upon contact. There is no limit to the amount he can have created at any one time, as they have no combat uses.
CD: 6
3rd Skill: Edis can infuse any of his items with either Fire, Plant or Smoke, allowing them to act as conduits for his manipulation as well as gaining various positive effects. This is sutained at a cost of 5MP per post. The items can only hold one element at a time but it can be changed once per post.
Fire - Burning Damage.
Plant - Releases spores on contact, debuffing the target's endurance by a moderate amount.
Smoke - Ability to produce smoke.
CD: 4 + Duration
4th Skill: Edis can change his form into smoke, allowing him to move as a gaseous substance through small cracks in walls, fences, and also allowing him to avoid any and all physical attacks for the duration that he is smoke. However, he himself cannot attack. He can also see and hear in full detail when in his smoke, despite not being of any form. This can be held for a maximum of 3 posts.
CD: 5 posts

Tier Three
1st Skill: Edis' smoke is very harmful, causing moderate debuffs to Speed and Strength when inhaled.
CD: Passive
2nd Skill: All creatures summoned by Edis have acces to his Smoke powers, allowing them each to become smoke when they see danger coming that they can't avoid. This makes it impossible for them to receive or deal any damage, and they can also pass through small cracks in walls etc as desired. This can also be activated remotely by Edis. The powers are active in the summons for 3 posts per summon.
CD: 5 (+1 for every 5 summons given these abilities)
3rd Skill: Edis can now sense the Heart Element and stats of anyone within a region where smoke is present.
CD: Passive

Character Tier(3)
MP(300) | GP(9)
STR Tier(4) | END Tier(4) | MAG Tier(3) | SYN Tier(5) | SPE Tier(3) | AGI Tier(3)
Edis Rehtona
Edis Rehtona

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Typhokinesis Empty Re: Typhokinesis

Post by Veara on Sun May 22, 2016 4:19 pm


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