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Meikai Empty Meikai

Post by Meikai on Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:09 am

Name: Meikai
Age: 25
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Moon
3.) Plant
4.) Fire

Personality: Meikai is ambitious and has a clear path she laid out for herself. She's willing to sacrifice anyone who gets in her way unless they have something to offer her. She has a brilliant mind, but uses it ways that would hurt other people. At times she's better described as psychotic or criminally insane, but when she's not out to further her plans, she can be a nice girl who would help those in need. However, don't be surprised if by the next time she sees them, she'd be the one to personally rip their heads from their spines.

That being said, she's somewhat picky on who she wants to kill, and would never kill for sport. But then again, she doesn't mind mutilating those who try to get in the way of her plans. She responds to kindness by not immediately killing the people who show it to her, and giving them a chance to run should they be unfortunate enough to be nearby when she starts getting a little too anxious, maybe even turning a blind eye to them.

When it comes to 'friends' she really doesn't have any, surprisingly. Those who come close however get a pass from her carnage, and could sway her to tone down her brutality. Her androgynous body had often been mistaken for the opposite sex, but she isn't bothered when people mistakenly refer to her as such. She could be called an 'it' for all she cares.


Meikai stands at about 5'9" with a slender build and pale complexion. She has long brown hair which falls down to her waist when let down.  She also has blood-red eyes which gives off a faint glow in the dark when using her powers.

History: Meikai lived in the Land of Dragons for  a good half of her life, but she was originally from Japan. As a child she, along with her older siblings, looked after the shrine her family had been entrusted to protect, making sure no one who wasn't from their family got close to the shrine, or else the evil spirit sealed within would be set free. It needed a vessel, and Meikai's bloodline prevented the spirit from using her family's body as one, unless a ritual was performed.

One night, bandits came across their dwellings and ransacked their home. Everyone fought back, but there were too many of them. Meikai's older brother took her to the shrine to escape, but it was a dead end, and it wouldn't have been long until they were found. Her older brother decided the best course would be to offer himself up to the spirit in order to fight back. He performed the ritual, and surely enough, he was possessed and took care of all the bandits without restraint. But her brother was sickly and once the bandits were dealt with, his body failed and he died. Left alone with the trauma of losing her family, and seeing her older brother turn into an indescribably monster, her mind broke. Although she was helped by a kind man who took her to China and nursed her to be mentally stable again, the dark spirit her brother had released had sneaked into her heart, slowly corrupting her from the inside.

She exhibited powers she never had, and while it seemed harmless at first, before long she was mutilating people and mutating them into monsters with little regard. She could only be described as demonic back then, but as time went on, she became more controlled and composed, the initial bloodlust having left her system. However, she was barely harmless.

Other Notes: (Is there anything else worth mentioning about your character?)

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Meikai Empty Re: Meikai

Post by Faye on Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:45 am


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