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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:14 pm

Drive Forms are a product of special, magic-imbued clothing. They are meant empower an individual with new, incredible abilities in dire situations. They can even the odds or even turn the tide of battle when normal magic and punches fights just don't cut it.

Drive Forms in Mirage Hearts do not require a special set of clothing. Instead, they require a special object, known as a focus object. This object is affected by the energy channeled into it when a Drive Form is activated. Clothing changes color, for instances, and shows more visible changes to signify that a Drive Form has been initiated. On the other hand, smaller objects are less obvious and have no practical difference in power. The individual using the form does not undergo any significant physical changes. The trick is that the object is required to enter a Drive Form, in it's complete form if applicable, but can not be used by any one other than the owner for this purpose. The objects themselves are fairly difficult to destroy through conventional methods, but this speaks nothing of them being misplaced or lost.

Converse to transformations, which are a standard ability type requiring equal loss for equal gain, Drive Forms require minimal sacrifice for maximal gain. Usually the trait given up for the duration of the form (for instance, magic) is vastly overcompensated for by the enhancements gained in exchange (such as greatly increased physical prowess). Due to the power of these forms, they must be applied for. Length is not equivalent to quality.

If your application is rejected: don't fret. You can try again. It is recommended to wait a while before attempting this, but you must wait a minimum of two weeks before making a second attempt. You will receive upon your rejection a list of reasons as to why you did not receive a Drive Form this time. The reasons will be mostly constructive with destructive elements where required. Taking note of them will ensure you to have a better chance at receiving a Drive Form on your next attempt.

If your application is accepted: congratulations. You've earned your Drive Form skill tree. Each tier is representative of a single drive form, with each of the Drive Forms getting progressively stronger as the tree progresses. The forms have the following for each tier.

First Drive Form (T1): One Major Drawback, One Major Gain. In addition, the form itself gets three skill slots

Second Drive Form (T2): One Major Drawback, Two Major Gains. The Form itself gets five skill slots

Third Drive Form (T3): One Major Drawback, Three Major Gains. The Form itself gets seven skill slots

Fourth Drive Form (T4): One Major Drawback, Four Major Gains. The form itself gains nine skill slots.

Final Form (T5): One Major Drawback, Five Major Gains. The form itself gains eleven skill slots.
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