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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Keyblades' Tiers

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Keyblades' Tiers Empty Keyblades' Tiers

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:18 pm

There are five Tiers in a Keyblade Skill Tree. You will be assigned a tier upon a receiving a Keyblade based on your character's current tier.

Keyblade's Chosen (T1): You've been selected by the Keyblade. Mastery of the weapon escapes you. This tier grants you the basic abilities of your Keyblade, such as being able to summon it, and unlocking or locking any object. You get three other passive abilities here to do with as you please. They aren't incredible in power.These first abilities are meant as compliments rather than armaments.

Keyblade Initiate (T2): You're skill with the weapon is great. You may now apply elemental bonuses to your Keyblade based on it's element. You gain three extra skill slots with which to experiment. These slots can be passive abilities, or abilities that enhance the properties of your blade.

Keybearer (T3): You're seasoned. You have gained the ability to morph your Keyblade at will into a weapon of your choice (even two if you want!). You gain three more skill slots with which to use, and they may do anything from add additional forms to augment the one that exists.

Keyblade Master (T4): You've gained a remarkable level of skill with the weapon. Your weapon now transforms into a vehicle for you to travel between the worlds on, as well as a versatile machine of combat. You can also functionally release the hearts of either the vulnerable or the willing. You gain two more skill slots that you can use for nearly anything.

Keyblade Foreteller (T5): The ultimate Keyblade wielder. In ancient times, it was said that Keyblade Wielders of all kinds followed these powerful individuals to the letter in unions of wielders. Keyblade Foretellers can turn their Keyblades into Weapons of massive destruction. You gain the ability to turn your Keyblade into a giant weapon of your choice. You gain one extra skill slot that can be used for nearly anything.

Using the same criteria as above, a person must also go through the exact same screening process for each additional Keyblade they want to gain. It will get reasonably more difficult with each Keychain you attempt to attain, because that's all alternative Keyblades are: Keychains. Just because you have multiple doesn't grant you the Synch blade ability. That's an entirely different can of worms.[/justify]
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