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Keyblades, Synchblade (Duel-Wielding)

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Keyblades, Synchblade (Duel-Wielding) Empty Keyblades, Synchblade (Duel-Wielding)

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:20 pm

Synchblade is the name for the ability that grants a Keybearer the ability to use two Keyblades simultaneously. In order to use Synchblade, a Keybearer must normally meet only one requirement before attempting to gain this power for themselves: The Keybearer must be a Somebody with Two Hearts. If you don't already have two Hearts, you can create a plot in which you gain your second Heart. Without a second Heart, however, no such thing can occur.

To gain a Synchblade, first one must notify staff that they wish to do so. After obtaining permission from either Lore Staff or Game Master, the individual is given reign to begin an arc in which they awaken their ability to Synchblade, and gain their second Keyblade. The length of the arc is irrelevant next to the quality, but a single topic will likely not be seen as a sufficient development arc. You may end your arc whenever you feel have earned your Synchblade. However, after each topic you complete you must notify staff so that they can grade it. It the topic does not impress staff, you will be dismissed from your endeavor. You may attempt to try again at a later point after receiving staff permission.

If you do so happen to be dismissed at any point, you will within a day receive a Private Message detailing the reasons why. These reasons may be something along the lines as excessive typographical errors. Earning a Synchblade above all else requires a mote of planning and creativity; diving into it is never a good idea simply because you want the power. If you as a player lack the experience or as a character lack actual reason to pursue Synchblade, you may be automatically denied.

Don't give up if this is the case. There is no limit on how much you can try. However, it is recommended that you wait at least a few weeks before trying again so you can approach it from a fresh angle.

*Do not contact Game Master. It grades with such difficulty that it borders on arbitrary
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