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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:34 pm

Magic is a mysterious power that anyone could grasp. It can do a great many things. It can heal and destroy. It grows stronger as you grow stronger. It is seemingly infinite, as when you drain yourself of your magic, it suddenly appears again a short time later. In its rawest form, it is powerful. When guided by you, it can accomplish nearly everything. However, keep in mind to train your Magical Prowess if you wish to focus on magic.

Magic can be used by any warrior of the universe. Anybody who is unique among the average human can use magic. You will gain magic as you grow in power, even if you don't necessarily focus on your Magical Prowess. However, if you do focus on your Magical Prowess, you can double the amount of magic you can use. The complexity of how you use it and the ease at which you can also increases. Like strength, magic is something that grows on you. As you grow stronger physically, it's easier to lift objects and to land powerful punches. Magic is the same. You must keep this in mind while fighting with others.

Magic is represented by Magic Points, shortened to MP, which is something that allows you to gauge how much magic you have available .You can utilize magic by advancing character tiers or magical prowess tiers.

Magic of equal cost is equal in terms of power, even with a difference in Magical Prowess tiers. A 25MP spell will be the of the same power across the board, no matter which Magical Prowess tier you may be. However, the more you progress through the Magical Prowess tiers, the more complicated and explosive magic you'll be capable of. A person with T1 magic that somehow has a 1000MP pool will not be able to create/cast a 1000MP spell.

Magic is what fuels spells, which are diverse in their form. Spells are typically instant and can last only for a few posts. The duration of a spell is very important, as no spell can last an entire topic.

Magic is what fuels spells, which are diverse in their form, though commonly used as spells and enchantments. Spells are usually instant or happen over a few posts. They're often used in the heat of battle, when you need to be quick on your feet. Enchantments are more subtle in execution, used more for enhancing yourself or taking control of an environment.

Magic can be used actively or passively. Active magic uses enough magic to warrant a noticeable change in your magic pool and requires an actual MP cost. Passive magic uses very little magic, so little that it will barely affect your magic pool and won't require an MP cost.

Cool down is also an important variable in the creation of spells. The longer it takes to reuse a spell, the less magic you'll need to expend. This can allow you to create spells that expend very little MP, so you can use a vast range of spells. Or, you can use spells that are more expensive in cost as to use them more rapidly. There is, of course, several other combinations to take advantage of, but the most any spell can passively reduce Cool Downs is to a minimum of one.

Anything that seems like a skill shouldn't be a spell.

You are free to use any type of element you want with spells. However, using any element that isn't your primary is very difficult. You will only be able to create simple and crude spells with secondary elements which are considerably more expensive in MP cost and cool down. Magical Prowess will alleviate this, however never enough to match a spell made with a primary element.

At every increase in magical Tier, characters may upgrade their spells. Depending on the spell, there may be no increase to cost or cool down. They can also choose to replace or get rid of spells. They must notify staff of this.

Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, all instances of referencing tiers (T1, T2, etc) refer to the Magical Prowess tier.

  • The maximum amount of MP that can go into a single spell is 1500MP.
  • A Targeting spell is one that instantly affects the targeted person, however it typically cannot inflict damage.
  • A Homing or Tracking spell can inflict damage, but cannot hit instantly.
  • Spells can only be active, and cannot be passive or conditional. However, they can have passive and conditional effects, as long as they are activated beforehand.
  • Due to the previous ruling, you cannot create an spell that is an aura.
  • Spells are incapable of granting an immunity, temporary or otherwise.
  • Silence Effects can, so far, be generated from Dark, Light, and Nothing, with other elements pending as their review becomes relevant. To initiate a silence effect, physical contact is not necessary but makes the spell cheaper, though without physical contact the spell will need to be an AoE effect.
  • Silence Spells need a tangible Achilles's Heel. For example, Kurt Zisa had orbs floating around when it cast Silence. Destroying the orbs would cancel the effects of Silence, and you would need to hold the orbs.
  • Increases or decreases to your any of your stats should be described with words (such as moderate, severe, minor) and will have fixed MP costs no matter what Character Tier you have. For example, if you increase your Strength by a moderate amount for 50MP for one post at T1, you cannot remake it at T5 to cost less.
  • You cannot decrease or increase a stat by an entire tier.
  • Healing damage will take as much more effort as it did inflicting damage.
  • Barriers can be generated by virtually every element. While they can be generated through skill trees, the most effective barriers can be generated through spells. Barriers are not cumulatively damaged by magic, they are overcome by it.
  • Reflect is created by Light only and either returns damage immediately or absorbs the damage and returns it in a different form. They will not reflect or absorb something more powerful than themselves, and will instead shatter. They will cost more than barriers of the same magnitude.
  • Any spell can not be reduced to less than half of its base cost passively.
  • All spells can not be reduced to less than one post of cool down.
  • Spells are instant in casting and aren't meant to be active for more than a few posts, though they can have some lingering side effects. They cannot be passive or enchantments, like how skills are. As a result, the duration of a spell will be important.
  • There will be a new section in the template where the user must specify which magic tier they currently are when making the spell.
  • The modifications themselves will be made in a separate section on, rather than changing the original content, so it can be judged and approved.
  • Modifications can be allowed to happen to all previous spells once per tier. If you don't modify a spell and go to the next tier, that unused upgrade doesn't carry over.
  • In regards to the Magic tier, simplify it so that MP is fixed. In other words, a 25MP spell will have the same power regardless of the tier, but as you increase in tiers, you get more MP and are able to do more powerful, expensive spells.

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