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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Meta, Archetypes Empty Meta, Archetypes

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:15 pm

The following archetypes are the most basic and easy to understand forms of each. They are not the only types of characters that can be created, and usually a character will have traits from all archetypes in their final form. This is merely explaining the Archetypes in their purest form.

Beat-Down Archetype- This is the most simple and basic archetype that exists. The Beat Down Archetype refers to abilities that cause damage. Characters that specialize in this use a variety of different spells to inflict a variety of different kinds of damage. In essence, this Archetype focuses on raw power. In other cases, the individual uses no magic and focuses instead on their own raw strength.

Staller Archetype- This is a complex and interesting Archetype to use. Stall Archetype refers to abilities that are not offensive in nature, but instead place interruptions, distractions, and obstacles that prevent others from utilizing their abilities to full effectiveness. Whether they use abilities that stun to lock others in position while they get ready to strike, if they use abilities that force another to burn their resources to a point of vulnerability, if they constantly dodge or can just take insane amounts of damage, stall Archetypes are frustrating to face off against.

Controller Archetype- This Archetype focuses on turning an opponents abilities against them. Either by using reflect (the most well known) or abilities that punish opponents for doing or using certain things, they counter archetypes use pain and defense as a means of controlling battle or out right deny them the competition ability to even fight the battle effectively.

Burner Archetype- This Archetype focuses on wearing through an opponent's resources. Either by destroying their MP or their weaponry, or forcing them to use their summons only to have them wind up burning that DP needlessly or even worse, uselessly, the Burner Archetype focuses on robbing an opponent of the ability to use their high powered abilities repeatedly, keeping them from firing off their best abilities.

Weapon Master Archetype- While other Archetypes may focus on magic for versatility, this archetype focuses on having multiple weapons in their arsenal. Weapon Master Archetypes seem to have a virtually limitless supply of different kinds of weapons, both mundane and exotic. The way they can apply these weapons comes about in incredible ways, too, giving them tools for every situation they may encounter.

Support Archetype- Unlike other Archetypes that focus on dealing with any foes present, the Support Archetype focuses on dealing with allies. Healing them, buffing them, or curing them of negative effects are all trademarks of a Support Archetype.

Debilitating Archetype- The antithesis of Support Archetypes, Debilitating Archetypes focus on weakening foes using various status effects and debuffs to prevent them from being able to use their full potential in combat, or help them be overwhelmed quicker by their allies.

Summoner Archetype- This Archetype focuses on the summoning of powerful creatures to aid the user in battle. A Summoner usually doesn't need to directly fight, and relies heavily on their summons to protect them and do damage. Typically the Summoner themselves is a support caster to keep their monsters going as the battle progresses.

Physical Archetype- This Archetype focuses primarily on the physical aspects of a character. Magic abilities, if any exist, are few and far in between. The flexibility of the physical characters is invaluable but limited. A super strong character and throw and stagger foes with mighty blows, while a super durable character can withstand those mighty blows (but will probably still be sent sailing). Fast characters can react well, while agile characters use the environment to battle better than anyone else.

Magical Archetype- This Archetype focuses primarily on a character's magical versatility. A variety of spells and super natural abilities await to be used that can cause damage, create barriers, and even cure grievous wounds. This archetype is beyond versatile, and can accomplish a variety of roles.

Ranged Archetype- This Archetype focuses primarily on attacking from distance. Using weapons and abilities that span impossible lengths, these Archetypes deal damage from afar and confound their foes with highly-specialized attacks.

Natural Archetypes- This Archetype focuses only on abilities native to them. They do not use magic, though they may provoke supernatural abilities and effects. They primarily operate through Skill Trees.

Esoteric Archetypes- This Archetype focuses only on abilities born from the manipulation of magic to control or emulate natural forces. They primarily operate through abilities.
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