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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:18 pm

When a Heart succumbs to Darkness, what remains of the shell?

Usually, they'll just fade away into the abyss... But sometimes if the individual whose heart was stolen is strong enough then the shell remains, animated by the soul. Usually these husks are malformed and twisted, representing the weaker wills that only just managed to avoid fading away. Unlike their counterparts, Nobodies tend to look human when they are powerful. When a very strong willed individual has their heart stolen the body survives with little to no aesthetic changes.

While Nobodies do lack Hearts, they are shown to grow hearts of their own as they become more self aware. Despite initially starting out as emotionless, borderline automaton in nature they tend to quickly regain facets of their previous personality or develop completely new ones. All Nobodies are created in realms that are stationed in-between the light and darkness, such as Twilight Town or The World that Never Was. As a result, Nobodies are not usually capable of wielding either the light or darkness. Because of their technical non-existence, they are the only beings capable of utilizing nothingness.

  • Nobodies lose the ability to manipulate light and darkness. Instead, they gain Nothing as their element.
  • Nobodies are not subject to the effects of emotion-based abilities or skills..
  • Nobodies choose one primal, advanced, or combination element when they are born and that element becomes their only primary aside from Nothing. The Nobody is passively immune to that second primary element. They can only use spells that are aligned with that element or Nothing, and none of their spells are required to cost MP.
  • Nobodies start with a second skill tree. They will still gain an additional skill-tree at T4.
  • When a character becomes a Nobody it will retain the Somebody's tiers and it can potentially inherit the Somebody's spells and skill trees. It will not retain World Chosen status.
  • Nobodies can use Corridors of Nothingness.

In the case a Somebody turns into a Nobody, or vice versa, the player will need to create a new character for them, or return to the original.
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