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Daggoth Empty Daggoth

Post by Daggoth on Thu Jul 14, 2016 11:43 pm

Daggoth Pool_party_zac_render___cut_by_outlawninja-d8x3zct_zpsajhgvgnn

Name: Daggoth
Age: 16
Species:  Somebody (Slime Monster)

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Space
3.) Water
4.) Metal

Personality: Daggoth is an excitable little fellow, being born into the world he has only seen everything and anything is a new and wonderfully experience in his life. From the sliver moon light that he saw out of the window of his lab room to the sound a door makes when it slowly opens on most things will bring him some kind of joy. Stimulation to his physical senses is what he craves and just living a life free of his test tube cradle is one miracle to him.

He is a little confused on properly mannerisms and human customs as he has never grown up with anymore then Heartless or his free loving master/father that has enjoyed his freedom and child like wonderment. Having all his senses built out through his body has also lead to some awkward  social testing, eating with his feet or tasting with his back might set off some shy people's personal bubble.  

Though he is not without his intelligence, Daggoth does consider himself aware of the blight of pain, negative emotions and the the curse known as the mortal condition that they suffer through on a daily bases. But he also counts the bad experiences as ones that are important to his small life which he values just as much. He just doesn't quite understand the interpretation others have of such experiences.

He is consider to be happier free thinker and a little air headed losing himself to the simplest of changes and stimulant around but in terms where his strongest emotions need him he is able to focus and pool off his efforts into a single goal, though he dislikes missing out on the world so he does this lightly.  


Daggoth 5cb00944-aca6-4e35-9337-16b2aa97513b_zpscaoxxm1b

Daggoth as a mass of malleable magical substance he (He considers himself as a male) has no true shape but has taken a form he considers to be his common and most liked one due to his father's preference of appearances. He has taken on the form of a large well built muscular male standing at 6 foot 4 inches, his body adjusts itself moving different shapes and sizes but still retaining this figure.    


Daggoth was born in the realm of darkness as a combination of varying magical experiments conducted from the king of heartless. His original intent  was to craft different kinds of dark beings that would better severe as a more suitable source of hearts or servants then  in born humans from the farm, ones that would protect the heartless as their day time guardians and be loyal to their creators in return for nothing but the gift of life.

Daggoth has been the latest results of that culmination of effort brought up by the La Vaeas, a living being that is not quite in the traditional sense of a common species. One that felt different, thought different and hopefully would be something  completely different then humans in the end but not quite heartless either. Learning at least Lenny figured he would need to create and harness other kinds of resources other then those his king would need, ecosystems required more then a singular type of existence to maintain it, food chains, symbioses etc etc. In return he has nurtured Daggoth during the last two centenaries, raising him as best as he could with his limited parental understanding, teaching him how to move and fight but allowing the slime boy to experiences his life unfiltered through Lenn's own personal perceptions.

The results were pleasantly for Lenny, he had gained his for a new servant and a new perceptive on the concept of life, a fresher new joy seeing it through the eyes of his new born free of the corruption of the light. Newly formed Lenny has asked Daggoth explore the worlds and learn them for himself. As long as he promised to return to the realm of darkness safe and sound.    

Other Notes: His a sexy Slime Guy

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Daggoth Empty Re: Daggoth

Post by Veara on Sun Jul 17, 2016 12:30 am


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