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Caduceus Empty Caduceus

Post by Caduceus on Thu Oct 20, 2016 5:31 pm

Name: Caduceus
Age: 21
Species: Remnant / Lingering Sentiment

Primary Elements
1.) Moon
2.) Wind
3.) Thunder
4.) Fire

Personality: Caduceus is nothing but a figment of what it once was, though it seems to represent everything that it's past self did indeed do. Unlike its past self, Caduceus is not a creature that can speak, nor one that can just blatantly go into fits of hunger or even feel hungry. However, being that it was once a heartless. Caduceus is prone to go into fits of rage, and is nothing short of a monster when it does so. Of all the creatures in the universe, Caduceus is drawn to heartless the most. It is notably more compassionate around them,  and speculation could lead one to figuring out that he indeed was at one time-- a humanoid heartless. Caduceus will approach other heartless peacefully, and extend hands outward to them in order to show that their is no hostility when he finds one.  Unlike his past incarnation decades prior, Caduceus is more so open to people and harbors no ill will against them unless approached in a such a way that depicts them as harmful. Caduceus is true neutral by all accounts-- and will fight other heartless if it comes to that. The Sentiment is not held down to a certain world or resting place, as his original being never found a place to call home.

Caduceus feels empathy, and is a manifestation of what his heartless could have been, had he not been evil. Caduceus will side with who he believes to be the innocent party. So just because he is protective of heartless, does not mean he will not engage them i combat. Similarly, Caduceus will engage other heartless to test and pit their resolves, not unlike how an animal might play fight with another animal. Caduceus also will do his best to communicate with others, using his hands or even depicting images he can point at to convey things. Head nodding though, might be his most used method of answering another's questions or etc.

Caduceus 933bcd8321
[ X ] [ X ] [ X ]

After the emblem heartless Cadmon successfully merged with a keyblader replica, they created "RuXa," who eventually died a decade earlier by unknown means. However, for some strange reason, the half of Cadmon which was erased prior to the fusion lingered on in existence as a small thought under the realm's vast undiscovered solitude. This little thought, so starved to remain alive and processing strengthened, over time, the strength of the disgruntled little thought expanded and grew beyond the measure which was intended. Emerging not even a year after RuXa was born ages ago, came the Lingering Sentiments of Cadmon back to the world of sentience. However due to his 'true' body having not been officially erased entirely-- Caduceus slept in an ethereal plane while his body hovered alone and hidden as a swirling mass of pink and scarlet flame. Patience for the the thought seemed the only true route, and everything changed after RuXa indeed successfully died, leaving The Sentiment a chance to awaken... Many wizened magi say nothing can return after it has died in unfathomable ways; which is partly true to a readied degree. But Caduceus represents a version of Cadmon before he evolved, and thus, cannot be attested to the rule of the universe, and can never know eternal peace in the underworld... Caduceus now walks the paths of a dull memory, seeking things he can never truly have. One such being, the ability to speak to others, harmonize with them. The creature is even more like a heartless, unable to speak or even show that he understands, but he lingers. Ready to watch the universe go up in flames, or come down in peace.  It could be argued it's reasons for being neutral instead of evil is that the sentiments left were the good ones, and not the deranged. But nothing is set in stone, and no answer is attainable. He just is, and always will be, a lingering sentiment.

Other Notes:
Caduceus is more often than not referred to as an "it," but The Remnant can also be categorized as a "he."

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Caduceus Empty Re: Caduceus

Post by Faye on Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:02 pm


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