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Post by Tamiyo on Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:47 am

Name: "Porkchop"
Age: Forty-Eight years
Species: Human (Somebody)

Primary Elements
1.) Light (Heart)
2.) Metal
3.) Plant
4.) Earth

Personality: "Porkchop", or "Porky", as some affectionately call him, has an obsession over the concept of the apocalypse, and sees himself as the ideal 'raider' in a post-fallout reality. He often mentions thinks like calamity and end times, and is outwardly nihilistic and passive. This doesn't stop him from being a contributing member of the High Riders, as he's not only been their greatest source of firepower from the get-go, but he also takes active roles in major discussions when he sees a point to be made. Where words don't cut it, he's physically relentless as well, and has no arguments if Tamiyo needs him to box about thirty men into submission.

Appearance: Porkchop never leaves home without a custom gas mask and his trusty harness, which he built himself from football pads, badages, metal studs and a tire. A few spikes here and some tubes there, and his signature duds were complete. It's supposedly made for the sake of protection, though he never wears a shirt under it. Thankfully, he does wear pants, but his gut has become far too large for him to buckle it up. On his stomach is his "Wild" tattoo, which is as much a symbol of him as his harness and mask.
Porkchop Latest?cb=20160429040723

History: Porkchop was apparently well-off at some point, but dumped just about all of his cash into raw materials, canned food and way too many guns for what he thought was the inevitable apocalypse. This has yet to happen, much to his disappointment, but he did have plenty of supplies to share. When he was brought onto Tamiyo's project, he donated his massive stocks of weaponry and other gear out of the goodness of his heart and later suggested that, instead of staying in the streets of San Fransokyo, they take their gang into space. It was because of this that they were named the "High Riders," instead of something more down-to-earth. Being the most knowledgeable of the Riders in terms of mechanical assembly and such, he was also given the role of lead mechanic in all matters, most prominently the building of their carrier.

Other Notes: Based heavily off "Roadhog", a character in the game Overwatch, and will possess many of the same abilities.

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