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Playing with the big girl

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Playing with the big girl Empty Playing with the big girl

Post by Meara on Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:08 am

With clear skies for the night and the Land of Dragons being one of there favorite places to camp. Mara decided to welcome the newest members of there group the right way by having a lovely dinner under the star's. Though first thing's first he needed to get the ingredient's, so he decided to head into town, An get some good food's to whip up something special for the twin's that had just joined their group.With their camp set up in the bamboo grove, Mara decided he would go into town and go get what was needed along with Alyssa. Naturally others wanted to go, however, Mara would refuse this was for them and they shouldn't be helping, they should simply relax and enjoy the good food that was sure to come!

Making their way into town from the bamboo grove didn't take long at all when they ran at full speed. Dusk was setting in and the scenery around them was simply beautiful. Though they weren't here for that, right now they were simply here too buy their ingredients. Hurrying to the market section through the crowd's they went to the different vendors that were all about and in the area for food stalls. It took them about thirty minutes due to lines and having to haggle sometime, though after awhile they finally had everything they needed for tonight. Alyssa and Mara were proud of their work, however when they went to head back to the bamboo grove something was amiss in the vendor market. They turned their heads to the sound of a pink haired woman yelling she had been pick pocketed. Alyssa was getting ready to the guy down, however Mara relented and said he would take care of this one, giving her the items they had bought he told her to head back to the grove and have xaq' snake begin the preperations a long with Aldrey. Alyssa was hesitant, but she agreed and Mara gave chase to the thief. Though Mara found it odd he was giving chase however, usually by now he would have caught them and had them kissing the pavement. Every time he got close the man would turn a corner and when Mara turned that corner he was on the other side of street or alleyway. One thing was for sure though this guy was heading for the opposite of the bamboo grove and towards the plains and mountains. Which was perfect after getting the wallet he'd easily be able to return it to a guard and head back to the bamboo grove.

Though as he made it to the entrance of the plain field's he looked around and the pick pocket was sitting on the fence of a vegetable garden....with the girl whose wallet he stole sitting next to him on the ground?

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Playing with the big girl Empty Re: Playing with the big girl

Post by Onyx on Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:06 pm

It couldn't have been this easy, right. Arranging this turned out to
be simpler then expected, though dang the kid was fast. He actually almost made Onyx work for his money there...it had been awhile since he got to use that speed so this may just end up being interesting. Naturally, he lost the boy long enough to get outside of the town. Exposing himself to the general public wasn't best for business, so for now he figured a meeting with a hero would be okay.
With the boy running up to them and closing the gap, a sigh of fondness came from his wife.

"Awww he reminds me of the last one, come on dear lemme take care of him for you." She spoke and looked up to him with a smile on her face, however he simply shook his head no. Which of course was followed by a pout and the magnum she had concealed on her person remaining hidden she continued tossing a rather large rock playfully.

"Uh, hiya. If this was a joke I don't think you guys should do those in town people might get hurt, but you both must be pretty fast for-" The boy at first seemed bewildered by the event, running up to them with his eyes on the munny pouch. Though he was suddenly silenced by the bag's poof. The munny satchel poof'd away! Leaving the boy with a confused yet a surprised face as if he got a free magic trick. Well maybe this wouldn't have to end with another needless life snuffed out.

"Your name is...Maury...its Mara right? Met your mom and the rest of your family, nice people. First off let me apologize and of course explain. Ya see I had to get you away from that area, since my wife here can only be in groups for so long, now a days before she gets ancy." The pink haired woman nodded her head and crushed the rock that was within her hand with ease, however with a calm smile on her face, Mara definitely felt uneasy. He knew too many women that had just a calm smile, and all of them scared the heck out of him since he knew each one was capable of knocking his lights out.

"Ya see, were interested in you, after asking around the islands about you and your family, you came up a lot. An we gotta say we're interested in what we heard...and think you'd fit in perfectly if ya could keep up." The boy looked at them and tried to keep a smile on his face, however the way the woman was staring at him was way too weird and not to mention, this was a little creepy. They just randomly asked around the island about him? People he never knew or met, maybe they heard about him in the darkson cup? He had to explain to them he already had a group and he was trying to get back to a celebration for his new friends in his group.

"Your test starts now!" The man stated with a glee and before he could blink it happened. The girl on the ground was already in his face and she uppercutted him. The force of the punch alone rang out through his body and he went flying past the vegetable garden. His impact with the ground was less then pleasant . Landing on another plain on the opposite side of the large garden creating a small crater. He quickly shook his head trying to get his sense back and stop the ringing in his head though it felt like he was stuck with the pain.

"Well then...I guess this universe has bigger scale of power to play with....sweet." Onyx stared at Death who simply looked at her own fist with surprise. "Just beat him up a little, don't kill him."

"I already filled my quota for murdering children this month." With that said she disappeared from his sight with a small crackle of pink lightning. The man taking out a little notepad and adding a check next to the phrase.

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