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Disney Academy and the Worlds Empty Disney Academy and the Worlds

Post by Marigold Darkson on Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:32 pm

Disney Academy- The Academy itself can be role-played in and DO NOT require students and/or teachers, to have a "class" topic. Should a group agree to do so then it is obviously permitted, but otherwise optional. A lot of the times, most topics will either take place before school, during lunch, after school, etc. Unless specified, almost all topics will be considered occurring between normal school hours. Generally, the school is set-up to be an institution with varied levels of difficulties for the classes. Thus, it can be known that multiple teachers cover the same topic but teach a tier of it (as with any normal school). There are buildings placed about the campus containing rooms where classes are taught.

The campus itself holds a large eating facility that features cuisine with different themes from different worlds. There are multiple recreational areas that promote healthy stress relief and interaction with students, but even teachers are allowed to partake in these facilities. The library is one of the largest buildings considering the amount of knowledge it holds. A considerable contribution was made from Celia Darkson in terms of what was procured for the facility. Multiple study rooms are set up and are mostly sound-proofed to provide group study sessions for all students. Additionally, the field holds the second most amount of space on campus, since it provides all manner of exercises for the students. Since a large influx of students will have some sort of special ability, the field also has several buildings for sparring sessions and the like. Teachers who provide combat expertise will almost always be found there with their students. Lastly, are the dorms that the students stay at. Since it's too much of a bother to frequently travel between worlds and the Academy, dormitories have been provided for the students. Roommates (up to four people in any given room) are a common concept and used as a way to further improve interaction between students.

Students are allowed to leave campus and utilize school issued transportation in order to travel to other worlds, should they see fit. However, there is a curfew where all students must be on campus grounds or in their rooms, or they'll suffer consequences for frequent late-night tardies.

Here at Mirage Hearts Academy, we offer two positions for somebodies/nobodies to consider when creating their character app. Teachers and students. Teachers will, in the future, require a more strict app to fill out, considering the perks and roles that they come into. Students are more lenient in terms of getting approved in our system, however, that doesn't mean users shouldn't put an equal amount of effort into either application. Below is a simple, straight-forward explanation of how students and teachers work in the academy (it's also possible for someone to be a janitor if they really want to).


Teachers, just like in any educational facility, serve as the masters of their field and are able to eloquently and with simplicity, teach their students the required curriculum. Additionally, they'll serve as mediators between students and even other teachers should the need arise. These are the characters that are allowed to have their stats reach Tier 5, but are unable to completely max out ALL of their stats into Tier 5. The general idea for them is to have a stat they specialize in, a stat their weakest and then balance the rest from there. Because of their ability to handle situations between students and the amount of power/stats they're given, it is obvious that we expect those who apply for this position have decent spelling and grammar, on top of a positive attitude for role-playing. Teachers who actively try to incite fights with other teachers and/or students, will have their position revoked and likely unable to apply for it again.


Students are simple in terms of role-playing with them, as they must show up to their classes (this is just an example, as there will not be required topics for teaching and learning), socializing with friends (if applicable) and undertaking missions (something unique for the academy) to build teamwork and personal strength. Students can only go up to Tier 3 in any of there stats, as to keep the role of a Student consistent. Other obligations students have at the academy consist of having good behavior, minimizing confrontations with other students, returning to the academy before curfew, coming to classes on time and other necessary tasks that befall them. Failure to meet these expectations usually come with an in-dorm/class suspension for several days and in extreme cases, expulsion. Much like teachers, students who prove they're much too antagonistic towards peers and staff will be expelled with other punishments doled out, to match the disturbances created.

Worlds CAN be visited when classes aren't in session and are where a lot of missions actually take place. There are recommendations for certain worlds in terms of how dangerous it is to travel to them, with some being forbidden to go to without the company of a registered member of the Academy. Topics on worlds will be under the impression that they're taking place before or after school, in order to keep consistency with time and whatnot.

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