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Ukz, Heartless Lord of Blades

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Ukz, Heartless Lord of Blades Empty Ukz, Heartless Lord of Blades

Post by Hayden Keegan on Mon Dec 29, 2014 2:45 pm

Summon Name: Ultimate Kurt Zisa (Ukz)
Drive Cost: 9DP
Appearance Description:
Ukz, Heartless Lord of Blades KH_Halo__Ghost_of_Onyx_by_PhoenixTrooper
art by PheonixTrooper
Standing at about thirty feet high with six massive, powerful blades around it's body and long, threatening forearms that reach out to grab with mighty claws, the Ukz is very violent and powerful Heartless. Somehow bound to Hayden's control, this beast of darkness is completely black, but has eerie outlines of color at the edge of its solid silhouette. In the daytime it is strikingly visibly as a void outlined by brilliant colors. At night, it is outlined clearly by luminescent edges as it attacks.

Statistics: Ukz is a summon with great strength and speed, as well as superb agility and excellent magical prowess. However, its body is extraordinarily difficult to damage. It's metallic carapace is made of darkness, and is able to shrug off most physical and magical attacks. However, it's weak points are it's long arms and it's unarmored head. Ukz is skilled at sword play to an alarming extent, able to wield all six of it's weapons with grace and ease. This is probably why Hayden went so far to tame and bind this Heartless to his will absolutely- it's the perfect servant for the Foreteller of Blades.

Silencega: Ukz declares an area up to 100 feet wide. The individuals within this area are inflicted with Silence, and are unable to cast spells. Silence can be broken if the two orbs in the creature's hands are destroyed or dispelled. Cooldown on this ability is 20 posts.
Flash Dash: Ukz is capable of closing one-hundred feet of distance nearly instantly in short bursts. Cooldown is 4 posts.
Dark Discus: Ukz takes to the air, spinning violently as it extends its blades and coats them in darkness. It sails around the battlefield with extreme speed, attacking foes like a psychotic helicopter. Cooldown is 10 posts.
Ultima Barrier: Ukz can generate a powerful anti-physical barrier, capable of repelling all physical attacks.  While this barrier is being maintained Ukz can not use Silencega, but using this barrier imparts levitation for movement. The barrier can be destroyed when severely damaged by magic. Cooldown on this ability is 20 Posts
Firaza: While Ultima Barrier is active, Ukz can use a free hand to draw a sigil on the shield. The sigil glows like fire. Ukz then punches the sigil from behind the shield, and six massive homing balls of fire rush towards targets on the field. The balls deal severe fire damage. Cooldown on this is 4 posts.
Fujita Scale Five: Ukz calls a trio of twisters at designated areas around the field.  These twisters close in on a central point between the three of them, merging into a single, large tornado. The twisters pull on things around them with moderate exertion, until they merge where the exertion becomes severe.  Cooldown 20 posts
Gravity Wrecker: Ukz calls seven balls of Gravity from the ground and sends them flying about the area. The balls can be easily bounced away, but when they make physical contact with something other than Ukz they inflict severe Gravity Damage. Cooldown 4 posts
Gravity Toss: Ukz manifests balls of gravity in it's hands and throws them. The balls are much larger than those of Gravity Wrecker. The balls have the ability to home in on opponents, and these are not easily deflected. Cooldown 10 posts
Star Fall: Ukz leaps high into the air and sends out a powerful wave of gravity, capable of crushing down all who can not dodge or withstand it, dealing severe gravity damage. Immediately after, all those who are hit from the force ignite and take severe fire damage. This attack has a range of 100 feet. Cooldown 20 posts.

Personality: Ukz is a savage, violent creature. What little personality it may possess is overshadowed by the control that Hayden has over it's faculties. It is capable of independent thought and strategic fighting, but its own will is overridden by Hayden's whims.

History: During his two years when he fought the Heartless in search of an honorable death, as Hayden fell deeper into madness he came across Ukz. The two engaged in a brutal fight from which Hayden was forced to flee. However, he spent a period of months plotting to bind it, and eventually succeeded in earning himself a powerful servant.
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Ukz, Heartless Lord of Blades Empty Re: Ukz, Heartless Lord of Blades

Post by Amadeo on Mon Dec 29, 2014 5:28 pm

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