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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Hoardling Empty Hoardling

Post by Hugh on Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:47 am

Summon Name: Hordeling
Drive Cost: 1
Appearance Description: 1 foot tall, very light.

Having no magical potential and being painfully slow, the Hoardling makes up for it with its above average strength and mighty endurance.

Hoardling's always come in packs of 10 - naturally, they are only one-tenth of the strength they should be for a summon of its cost.

A Hoardling is highly fire resistant.

When fighting Heartless, a Hoardling deals a massive amount of extra damage. When fighting a non-heartless, the deal extremely less damage.

When all ten Hoardling's are slain, the summoner gains 1 'Conjure' counter.

Very dim and uncreative, Hoardlings are unintelligent drones of the Great Dragon King. The ones Hugh tends to summon, however, always seem to be lazy, sarcastic, and unhelpful.

On his journey to seek retribution for his fallen comrade, the Knight of Hues came across the lair of the Great Dragon King and fought it in honorable combat. The battle lasted for hours, each opponent trying to gain the upper hand until Hugh was able to force through the Dragon's defenses and goad a surrender. In exchange for its life, the Dragon King offered a most generous deal to the Knight: the Tyrant had spawn that was created when it shed its scales called Hoardlings, mostly because they liked to play in the dragon's great hoard of treasure. Hugh's reward were these... fine creatures. To make the deal more lucrative to himself, Hugh bartered that the dragon lend some of his might to empower his spawn when they were combating heartless, but at any other time, they need not be capable in combat, only in servitude. The Dragon King accepted.

Max MP: 500
Max DP: 10
(3)STR(5) | (5)END(10) | (5)MAG(10) | (5)SPE(10) | (5)AGI(10) | (1)SYN(1)
Character Tier: 5


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Hoardling Empty Re: Hoardling

Post by Game Master on Sat Feb 28, 2015 8:28 pm


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