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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Keyblade Warrior Terra on Fri Mar 06, 2015 2:39 am

Tier 1, 50 MP, 2 DP
::Character Profile::

Keyblade: Ends of the Earth

Skill Trees:
Keyblade Tree: Ends of the Earth
Command Style Tree

Zero Gravity
Mega Flare
Mine Square
Geo Impact

Current stats:
Strength (STR): 5
Endurance (END): 5
Magic (MAG): 3
Agility (AGL): 2
Speed (SPD): 1
Synthesis (SYNTH): 1

Fighting Terra
Terra keeps a lot of his skills and abilities from the original canon series. He focuses primarily on aspects in physical attacks, powering through the enemy's assault, and doing as much damage as possible. He can best be described as a warrior, going headfirst into combat.
Though he is powerful, Terra balances out with very poor agility and horrendous speed. His synthesis is also pitifully low, meaning he won't be shooting any spells from his Keyblade any time soon. For the most part, he is a very base fighter, relying on his MP and strength rather than other tools.

Beat-Down: At heart, Terra is a beat down brawler. His main focus of dealing damage will be through hitting you physically more than anything else. However, don't count out his skilltrees. All three of them focus on enabling his stupidly high levels of STR, as well as buffing up his mobility and magic. With his different Command Styles, he can easily switch up his methods for dealing damage within a matter of posts, throwing people off guard.

Physical Archtype: Again, Terra will be relying mainly on his strength and power to win the fight. His STR levels are incredibly high, and with buffs from his skill trees, his damage can increase exponentially.

Red Mage Archtype: While his MAG levels are not stellar, Terra isn't without a sense of how the properties of magic work. With that said, he typically uses his spells in tandem with his basic attacks for a more well-rounded attack style. Going into Rockbreaker mode on his Command Style skilltree essentially turns him into a mage-type character, with improvements to his MAG and spell potency.

Terra is always going to be slow. As a fighter who prizes STRENGTH above anything else, his SPEED is lackluster at best. His AGILITY is also low, meaning someone with higher stats in that regard may be able to dodge with ease.

Terra will almost always have to get close to you in order to deal damage. Keep that in mind when you're fighting him. Putting distance between yourself is always the safest bet, but Binding/Disabling him will also work.

Be aware of Terra's END levels. This makes him very tolerant to status effects and the like.

Because you totally don't know which song this is already...

03/17/15 - Removed "Magnet" from spell list. This was replaced with "Obliviate."
Added new abilities.

04/24/15 - Added "Geo Impact".
Added Journal Link.

05/19/15 - Added "Fighting Terra" section.

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