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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Black Garden Empty Black Garden

Post by Lenneth on Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:56 pm

Ability Name: ( Black garden)
Ability Type: (AOE/supplementary)
Ability Cost: (450 mp)
Ability Cooldown: (N/A)
Ability Element: (Darkness/Rose)
Ability Description: (  Lenneth conjures a large felid of thorns and roses from the ground travelling from center of the world towards the surface to surround Lenneth and anything around him. The size of this self-inflected prison in a globe scale like fashion circumference. The cage is very thick and difficult to enter or escaped once it’s formed but is possible however it will repair itself re-growing if cut burn or in any way harmed with equal to attack of worth of damage. Lenneth is able to utterly control his cage’s structure and growth, another example for every post Len or his opponents take a rose marker on the ground the size of a half a meter in width forms behind the being that is taking the post in the cage (Including Lenneth) also each time mana is used (rather spell, summon, form or weapon effect is used) another rose rune is created. These simple symbols of evil do nothing but remain static to their position not moving or performing actions at all however should they be attack or stepped on they instantly blow up in a large explosion that sends seven baseball sized thorns in different directions in a shrapnel like fashion from one meter of the blast like effect damaging them with 150Mp worth of rose damage for those caught by all the hits, foes or friends alike. The rose runes remain on the flied permanently unless triggered, further any and all rose markers summoned by the foes makes every flower bloom around the cage’s vines will open and fire numbers single line beams of darkness from every Corner of the cage (15 closest to the target and the beam's range is 10 meters), dealing dark damage of 75mp spell but will quickly add up with the many blooms around to max of 100 mp damage to a target per post, the beams travel though objects towards the other side so it can hurt two foes with one beam. Another effect of cage is that 33 whip like vines per target foes varying from thin to thick will come out from various location from the cage and lash violent and painfully at the foes or coil them, each rose vine having the high strength power of tier 3. The garden last for as long as Len is on the flied or until he destroys it, with that willful choice the garden wither’s away destroying every rose marker and activating their harmful effect as well for every marker triggered along with the garden, Len gets a 5% increases in his stats. Lenneth is able to control the cage’s structure as they wish to defend him by Instead of the cage attacking the one that used MP the cage would attack the closet person to Len. Also any other summon beast aside from those from Len will have damage dealt to them buffed by 30% and reducing their speed by 30% while in the cage as an aura of profound power erodes them all, slowing taking away an extra post off their duration each post. Can only be used once. If Lenny dies/passes out or the cage is ended it turns to stone and starts to cave in raining down many of his stoned debris on anyone still inside. 100 cubic feet of stone is 1000 pounds if you wanted 100X100 measurements. Stone that hits anything will turn to dust afterwards )

Tier: 5th [Legacy] | MP: 875 | DP: 13
Black Garden 4adc872d-7859-4686-911a-d2ebdb7e9ee8_zps6f3b92dd
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The La Vaeas Of Darkness

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Black Garden Empty Re: Black Garden

Post by Tyler Saikou on Sun Jan 04, 2015 3:01 pm


(2 of 11)

Black Garden OccLvhI

Max MP: 450
Max DP: 11
(Tier 4)STR(8)|(Tier 4)END(7)|(Tier 5)MAG(10)|(Tier 5)SPE(10)|(Tier 5)AGI(10)|(Tier 1) SYN (1)
Character Tier: 5
Tyler Saikou
Tyler Saikou
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