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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Yojimbo of Vengeance

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Yojimbo of Vengeance Empty Yojimbo of Vengeance

Post by Alexander on Mon Aug 24, 2015 1:47 pm

Summon Name:Yojimbo and Daigoro
Drive Cost: 10 DP
Appearance Description:Yojimbo of Vengeance Yojimbo-FFX

Statistics: Yojimbo is a deadly and accurate extremely swift swordsman, striking with the speed and accuracy of lightning when he does. His blows are powerful, but his defenses are weak. His Dog, Daigoro, isn't as fast or powerful as he is, but is much better as taking hits. Working in tandem, Yojimbo and Daigoro are a fierce combination.

[list][*]Health is Wealth- Yojimbo and Daigoro do not simply attack. When summoned, they create another resource pool called Wealth that is applied to Alexander with is equivalent to his ENDx10. Each ability they use takes a certain amount of this resource, and when it hits 0 Alexander is KO'd. Yojimbo and Daigoro will then leave his employ.
[*]For Hire- Yojimbo and Daigoro are not loyal to Alexander. If somebody in battle declares that they will pay more, then they must negotiate with Yojimbo. If Yojimbo agrees, Alexander losses the Wealth resource and his opponent gains it. The person with the highest wealth will always win Yojimbo's blade. Yojimbo and Daigoro can not be taken from Alexander's control in any other manner.
[*]Lightning Parry- Once per turn, Yojimbo will automaticallyblock an opponent who strikes at him physically. If they follow up with another attack he will counterattack for high damage. Cost: 5 Posts and 5 Wealth
[*]Warbeast- Daigoro attacks a target with his teeth and claws, infecting them with a Disease. They take moderate damage for ten turns after. Cost: 10 Posts and 10 Wealth
[*]Kozuka Blitz- Yojimbo throws several of his Kozuka throwing knives at a foe or foes on the field. The they inflict high damage on hit. Costs 10 Wealth.
[*]Wakizashi's Wrath- Yojimbo draws Wakizashi and slashes with it, distorting the air and turning it sharp like his blade, distorting the area in front of him. Individuals hit by the sword itself take extreme damage, while those caught in the wind only take high damage. However, the wind transfers the kinetic force of the blade and will apply that force against those caught in it wild gust. Costs 20 Posts and 30 Wealth
[*]Zanmato's Finisher- Yojimbo summons his Katana, Zanmato. He unsheathes it and rushes with the speed of lightning at the opposition, and slices all enemies within range of his swing. This attack will deal colossal damage to everything it hits. It costs at minimum 60 posts, and almost of the Wealth Alexander has- it will leave him with 1 Wealth, at which point Yojimbo and Daigoro will dismiss themselves.

Personality: Yojimbo is not like other Aeons. It is a nightmare of a legendary Keyblade Warrior from the Keyblade War who knew loyalty to no side, and as a result was betrayed by the very people he gamed for wealth and influence. This nightmare continues to seek wealth from those in the material realms, not in the form of money but in the form of their well-being. He serves any master for the right price.

History: "My blade is yours, if the coin is worth it..."

| Character Tier: 4 | MP: 270 | DP: 10 |
| STRt2 || ENDt2 || MAGt3 || SYNt5 || SPEt2  || AGIt5 |
| Stat Progression || Alexander's Armory |
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Yojimbo of Vengeance Empty Re: Yojimbo of Vengeance

Post by Marigold Darkson on Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:06 am


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