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A New Era...again

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A New Era...again Empty A New Era...again

Post by Professor Velox on Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:35 pm

After Shirou wandered around the Underworld, a messenger found him. He quickly told him that he was due for a meeting with the higher ups as he was a replacement for the previous guy, who apparently never showed up and didn't fulfill much of his responsibilities. The messenger then grabbed him and rushed him to where the higher ups, who were literally higher up, as in the sky. They had a short meeting. The higher ups saw Shirou as being quite experienced and qualified, as while he was a soul, he managed to be reborn as a higher being, though not as high as these higher ups. They offered him the position of the Underworld, with all the perks. Shirou accepted. After all, it gave him a free place to stay. They then kicked him out back down to the Underworld and Shirou finally managed to find some clothes to wear.

In the throne room, if that's what you could call it, Shirou sat crossed legged on a large table in the center. He wasn't sure what it was for exactly, though it seemed like it was used for strategics. He looked down at his hands, balling them up and then unballing them. Ever since he was reborn, he felt weaker. Like, much weaker. The weakest he had felt in the long time. He felt like he was the same as when he started out. He found it fitting, since this was a new place and he had a new job now. He smiled. He might as well be new, too.

Shirou felt different in other way, different from his strength. Since coming back, he felt a different power within him, not one of the magic he was familiar with (though that was also there). He felt more comfortable in this world, as though his body had properly adjusted. Things and spells he was capable before were now innate to him. He spent a few days experimenting and testing his limits. Shirou moved a hand to his chest, where his heart was. His heart beat was faster. More frequent. Caelestis's heart had been restored. Shirou could feel the random flashes of calm and nothing and he would often catch his eyes flickering to a different color when he passed by reflections. Now would be the best time to do something about that. He would need some help, anyways. Plus, he could find some different clothes, more his style. While he liked togas more than being naked, he liked pants and shirts even more.

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