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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Update 2.1.0: Meta Update

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Update 2.1.0: Meta Update Empty Update 2.1.0: Meta Update

Post by Information Moogle on Sat Jul 16, 2016 4:02 pm

To complement the recent shift to Story System that this site went through, a few things have been changed and simplified.

  • KH now favors the Story. For those of you that may not be familiar with a story system, it is a system where you are able to use abilities on the fly and decide how powerful your character is without having to get approved or take balance into account (as long as you don't metagame or godmod). The competitive aspects, where abilities have to be approved, are still there but those restrictions don't apply by default. A competitive environment can only be invoked if all parties involved agree to it.
  • Despite the shift to the story system, the competitive aspects will remain, as some people may prefer to fight objectively (according to MH's rules, at least). In addition, future tournaments and other events may require going by a competitive guideline. Because of this, the staff will maintain and update the competitive aspects as they see fit, which has lead to the following updates.
  • Abilities, Skills, and Synthesis have all be redefined to distinctly different from one another.
  • Abilities have been renamed Spells, as "ability" is often used interchangeably with skills, synths, and other such things.
  • Spells are now abilities that are active and often immediate in their effects. A buff or debuff would typically not be considered a spell, and if it were, it would have a very short duration. They are more instant attacks, such as shooting projectiles or creating quick shields.
  • You are now able to modify spells once, and only once, per character tier. The original spell will also be left intact for reference, and any modifications will go to a different part in the application.
  • The templates for Spells has been changed to reflect these changes.
  • Skills are now generally passive abilities, though still much more powerful. Their effects will be steered towards more towards long term. However, this does not mean skills cannot be offensive. While you cannot make a skill that shoots of a single fireball, you can make a skill that allows you to create fire and cause it to move at fast speeds.
  • Synthesis Items now can have two types of abilities: passive and active. Passive abilities resemble that of skills and active abilities resemble spells. They are capable of doing both skills and spells, but because of this, they are inherently weaker than both.
  • Synthesis uses charges to power their abilities. Passive abilities permanently take up a charge, while active ones only use them when activated. Charges are regenerated, with the length mirroring MP cooldowns except based on Synth Stat.
  • Modifiers have been better defined. There are twelve main modifiers used to describe how powerful something is. The actual words used are interchangeable.
  • While there are topics with rules and explanations of what something can and cannot do (such as spells or skills), these shouldn't be regarded as the absolute rulings that even the staff have to adhere to. Rather, they should only be used as a guide or reference. The staff ultimately have the last say in what can happen and what can't happen.
  • All of this information has been either updated in the respective topics or posted in new topics.
  • Digital Changeling has also been added to staff as a Community Intern! If you have any questions, please ask him right away! He loves helping people.
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