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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Sidonia Barta on Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:11 pm

Name: Maculata
Type: Spear+Staff
Size: Large
Alignment: Light

Notable Information: •When in attack mode, the Maculata's "branches" fold inwards, creating a pointed end and thus creating a spear to pierce through her opposition with.
•Initiating a healing stance will trigger the three limbs to spread outwards, exposing it's center which projects harnessed aura from either herself, enemies, or surroundings such as plants.
•Sidonia switches stances by interacting with a red bar situated to the side of her halo which would send wireless signals to the Maculata and have it preform these acts of alteration.
•The polearm's long, slim form helps her maneuver through the air flawlessly. It also is a well established addition to her general agility, helping her vault from place to place and swing herself away from an incoming attack.
•Her weapon is bound to her and only her. Meaning even if it is broken or stolen from her, only she is capable of making use of it regardless of it's state. This bond is spiritual and will react negatively with anyone of the opposite alignment such as darkness.

Enchants+Abilities: Elicitation This may only be used while in healing mode: Sidnoia is able to gather aura from her enemies for as long as she makes contact with them. This energy may be positive or negative regardless of the individual's alignment. However if it is opposite of  Light, the process will be far stronger and faster against said target. This resource may then be used to either restore her own health or an ally's. She can also take this power from any spare essence such as blood.
Infusion This may only be used while in healing mode: She takes the Maculata and borrows the aura from one of her allies to invest in another person or group; much like a sacrifice. Though, over time as Sidonia takes or initiates damage, the loss is compensated for.
Excitement This may only be used while in attack mode: She uses the spare amount of energy and infuses the ground below her with it, causing plates below to shift and vibrate. By slamming the spear into the ground, she is able to open up the ground or create shock waves using both the shifts and by manipulating the roots of large plants.

The Maculata:
Maculata Mercy_full_body_spray_by_bloodyhell82_da6o52h

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MP: 1| GP: 1
STR Tier: 1 | END Tier: 1 | MAG Tier: 1 | SYN Tier: 1 | SPE Tier: 1 | AGI Tier: 1
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