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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Sidonia Barta on Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:51 pm

Name: Stinger
Type: Syringe
Size: Small
Alignment: Light

Notable Information: •This weapon is especially useful when adding to or heightening the effects of other equipment in her arsenal.
•By darting around the battlefield, collecting samples of essences such a blood from her enemies, she can easily turn these substances into fuel for heals. Even a single vial of blood is enough to produce a dozen spells!
•Within the syringe tube, is a special chemical mechanism which alters the properties of the liquid which is harnesses within the capsule as long as it has the proper requirements. With just a little shake, the Stinger  is able to create an entirely new liquid!
•Not only can she deliver benefits to her partners or herself, but can also initiate deadly attacks in retaliating against her foes. Sidonia may either used a pre-made poison or muster up one using the gather and shake tactic, which would turn a simple vial into a horrible toxin which would then be injected into the bodies of any target she chooses.
•She always carries around spare needles which can be used as projectiles or to refill a misplaced one.

The Stinger:
Stinger 759947998_preview_Mercy_Spray_Sting

Stinger 14915877826831
Character Tier: 1
MP: 1| GP: 1
STR Tier: 1 | END Tier: 1 | MAG Tier: 1 | SYN Tier: 1 | SPE Tier: 1 | AGI Tier: 1
Battle Theme Song
Character Theme Song
Sidonia Barta
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