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Pacem Empty Pacem

Post by Sidonia Barta on Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:31 pm

Name: Pacem
Type: Blaster
Size: Small
Alignment: Light

Notable Information: •The compact size of this firearm makes it easy to handle and store away when not in use, thus is is compatible with the Maculata simultaneously.
•Rather than operating on bullets, the Pacem functions of aura and light, manifesting it into a powerful core which is then utilized as a projectile. As long as there is both life and light, her ammo is virtually endless.
•The gun has two individual muzzles. While one maximizes the travel speed of it's contents, the other enhances the strength at which it hits, increasing the damage a target would be affected by.
•Reloading is as simple as pointing the machine to a source and turning a switch.
•Despite it's small size, this weapon is surprisingly well performing. Though it is not as hard-hitting as her primary weapon, it still does very sizable harm.
•Like the Maculata, Pacem is bonded to her and cannot be used by anyone else regardless of the circumstances.

Pacification: Pacem's base ability clicks into her use of her firearm perfectly. She is able to infuse or shift the properties of each bullet fired to suit her needs. For instance, one may eject poison, while another would combust. Or perhaps, she could shapeshift them, change their direction, even multiply them. As long as there is ammo, the use is widespread.

The Pacem:
Pacem 759947998_preview_Mercy_Spray_Blaster

Pacem 14915877826831
Character Tier: 1
MP: 1| GP: 1
STR Tier: 1 | END Tier: 1 | MAG Tier: 1 | SYN Tier: 1 | SPE Tier: 1 | AGI Tier: 1
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