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The first punch [Sable]

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The first punch [Sable] Empty The first punch [Sable]

Post by Meara on Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:42 pm

Well all things considered, day one wasn't so bad, granted the morning could have gone better, but the fact that he was able to see Destinie for so long and talk to her made his day, no scratch that his week, ah to heck with that it made his month. An he was going to be meeting her again in just a little bit for dinner and to talk some more...granted Luke is gonna be there, but honestly Mara couldn't hate him. He tried to hate him three years back and no matter what he couldn't. Yeah, he got the girl. Though it was Mara's fault  for being the coward when he was younger... Luke wasn't to blame for actually being true to his feelings unlike him... The boy was  away from the academy ground's, he was in the fields that were near Disney Town, the fields being known for having a calm and peaceful aura about them and even more so the flowers in the fields were some of the nicest the universe had to offer. The sun had just gone down, though the field was brightly lit by the retreating sun and the coming of the moon. His pitch black eyes stared up at the sky and thought about today as he was surrounded by the aroma of the flowers.

"What am I supposed to accomplish here, anyways?" He asked himself out loud, Su wasn't with him she was tending to the room and what not, wanting to get it in top shape for him before he came back..The slime taking it upon herself as his current guardian. So that just left him with his thoughts...and recently those haven't been the kindest too him. He thought about those dreams for only a second. Though he quickly shook his head and tried to bar those thoughts far away from the focal point. Instead he just thought about what he usually did in these situations, he thought about Xaq and Alyssa, also his sisters. How they were doing, what adventures could his two friends be up to... or what his sisters learned during that day. The more he thought about it, the more he simply giggled and soon it turned to laughter. He wasn't understanding how thinking about others were making his own internal and mysterious problems seem so small...but he was glad it was working.

For now he nestled into the flowers and simply kept looking up, he still had sometime before he had to meet with them and the calmer he was before that, it would definitely be better.

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