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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by [Inactive] on Thu Mar 19, 2015 5:36 am

Ezekiel Kizeke

Age: 5

Personality: Ezekiel was once a conformative program just like his brethren, Everything was orderly, everything was fine. But due to his history, more humanistic traits formed in his programming and thus caused him to rebel. This made him a wild card of sorts, giving him characteristics of a terrorist and a extremist in his actions. Aside from the front-lines attitude, he has become a very articulate being in terms of strategy and manipulation. Ezekiel's rogue nature has allowed him to escape the grip social conformity, allowing him to be his own program and in a way -- his own being. But, he has a raging hatred for the MCP, someone whom he does not know but finds it easy to blame. Ezekiel, in a calm situation, is very straight-forward and deep. He is not used to joking around, but he enjoys talking about how to improve something, anything.

Program - Rogue

Appearance: Aside from the image above, he is 6'0", 175 lbs..

Primary Elements
1.)  Darkness
2.)  Metal
3.) Water
4.) Electricity

History: Ezekiel was originally a sentry developed by a User named Dr. Zachary Kizeke. He designed Ezekiel to be able to stand out from the rest, although he was still susceptible to the commands of the higher-placed. The design was very subtle at first, but it allowed the program to grow and develop into his own being. He was one of few who had to hide his talents and differences in order to maintain his position in the society of programs, and his "father" had done well to instruct him. For the first few years, everything was fine until rogue programs had assaulted the User during a visit within the Grid. The rogues had been former programs and versions of Ezekiel that had not developed properly and developed into Rogues with evil mindsets. In a way, this might be the same fate the program met but he did not out-right attack out of revenge. The User tried defending by shutting them down with the failsafe he implanted in them, but they had seemingly developed past it. Ezekiel, in an attempt to defend his creator, fended off the rogues with his own abilities.

The first Rogue he had to defeat was named Crisis, whom was a hulking beast of a Rogue that carried a large axe and cast upon the field Wildfire. Clearly they were stronger when put together, but how Ezekiel had managed to break them up with his own abilities had allowed brief, 1-on-1 battles. The majority of the battle was counter-acting fire with storm, the simulations clashing and breaking apart out of cancelling each other. It was a gruesome battle that resulted in Ezekiel driving his arm into the Rogue's chest, the sleek pixels breaking their bounds and forcing the Rogue to retreat. The next was Sera, a female Rogue that seemingly was the fastest of the trio of Rogues. When other sentries were attracted, they fended off the third one while Ezekiel fought Sera. Sera had slashed his face, the reason why it is covered by a mask to this day, but succumbed to the might of Ezekiel. When he went to join the battle against the final Rogue, he had noticed all the sentries were slain. The Rogue had no red lines to indicate what he was, it was only assumed he was a Rogue. Dressed in all black, he held karambit in both of his hands, two pistols at his side. There was a lack of identity disc, but the being clearly wasn't a user. At least, that was what was assumed. When asked what he was, the being responded with simply being named Jack. The two rushed each other, entering a one-sided battle that resulted in Jack stunning Ezekiel and slaying Dr. Kizeke in front of him. Retreating, Ezekiel knew he had to do something.

When Ezekiel displayed emotions and other characteristics outside being a sentry, the other sentries that arrived had taken him as becoming a rogue. Commanding that he stand down, Ezekiel demanded they do something to hunt the Rogues. When he was refused, Ezekiel kept on pushing. The Sentries then saw the program as a threat, and had orders made to terminate him. On the run, he knew he was no longer a part of the conforming society that rested within the Grid. Now, he had to be his own person and that was exactly what Dr. Kizeke wanted him to become. While he was an extremist in combat and against the MCP's world, he still made the decision that he must develop beyond that of being simply a program. The first step of it was to locate and hunt Crisis and Jack.

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Re: Ezekiel

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 21, 2015 2:26 am



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