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Himeiji Homura, the First Wing of Seraphim

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Himeiji Homura, the First Wing of Seraphim

Post by Himeiji on Tue May 19, 2015 4:41 pm

Name: Himeiji Homura
Age: 40
Personality: The first side of Himeiji, is void of all emotion and is only capable of clear-cut thought. Through losing her soul in her past. She has a second side that is the product of the experiments she went through. This side uses her memories to feign emotions and expressions. It has been dubbed a psychological ghost.
Race: Somebody

Appearance: Himeiji stands at 5'6" with a toned build. She has an average bust size which is only noticeable after she removes her kimono/armor. Himeiji has long, curly black hair that reaches the length of her back. She has a pale complexion and rather interesting features. Her eyes are almond shaped and all black, that lack any pupils. From time to time, specs of multicolored lights reminiscent of stars can be seen in the blackness. Her nose is thin and she has small, full lips (she looks as though she's pouting most of the time).

Attire wise, Himeiji wears a black on white kimono. The robe has white flames along the hem and on the edges of the sleeves. Beneath the kimono, she wears an all black, full-body suit of synthetic armor. It covers her from the neck down to her feet. The hands and feet on the armor are claws, to allow for climbing on surfaces with better ease. The design of the armor is comfortable enough to accentuate her body down to every detail.

Primary Elements
1.) Nothingness
2.) Time


Himeiji was born on an eastern country by the name of, Forest. There, she grew up under the constant threat of war from the western country of Dominium, that was under Darkson rule. Nevertheless, the normally quiet girl lived a relatively peaceful life with her parents. Hime's parents were scientists and studied gene-therapy, along with other complicated topics that dealt with the science. Her upbringing caused her to become immensely involved with learning science and all of it's interesting concepts. Despite the fact her parents focused solely on genes and the like, Hime was more interested in physics. A concept that she loved the most, was the concept of time and how it worked in tandem with space. The young woman enjoyed a rather peaceful life with her parents, but it all eventually ended when the war tunes blared.

Himeiji's parents worked with the military and focused on human augmentation, a subject they never once brought up to their daughter. The family was forced to move into the military base and follow their rules down to the detail. She hated it there. Hime was brought up on the luxuries of freedom in a place like Forest, where its imperialistic government and closed borders brought a new sense of tyranny to the land. The woman dealt with it, however, and stayed quiet as usual. Eventually, her parents work was beginning to make stunning breakthroughs, but it required more and more test subjects because of the immense strain human augmentation put on a person's body. The military was taking children between the ages of 14-18, to turn into super soldiers so that they could fight against the Darkson army when the threat of an impending battle became of apparent. The unfortunate side to this, was that many children died because of the immense trauma the splicing of genes from different creatures to give the children its traits.

The military was quickly running out of test subjects, but they found one in Himeiji. Before moving into the base, Hime had been trained by her parents in the discipline of using the sword. She trained her mind and body, which caught the eyes of her parents superiors. When this happened, the supervisors wanted Himeiji, but her parents refused. Time, after time, they continued to pester and attempted to convince the young girl's parents that it was for the good of the country, of the people at large. Just as they did before, the parents said no and were adamant on not using their only daughter in the fatal experiments. That would be the last time she would see her parents unfortunately.

During the dead of night, when Himeiji had stayed up under the covers reading into a book, soldiers broke into the living quarters. They came for the young woman and held her parents at gun point. She heard the commotion and quickly took her weapon, a katana, into her firm hands. When the soldiers suddenly came into her room, she cut them down with ease and finesse, her gaze never faltering. Hime ran out and saved her parents, her instincts leading her and the blade. She embraced her parents after dropping her blade, but their happiness quickly ran out when more soldiers came and saw the dead bodies of their comrades. Hime's parents threw themselves in way of the bullets, her father dying in her arms. The young girl was struck with a bullet in arm, but was otherwise unharmed. The soldiers took her.

For the couple of months, the scientists experimented on her body and constantly injected her with the work of her parents. Himeiji went through copious amounts of torture and screamed until her throat was raw with pain. Everything stopped one day, when a light came to her. The light spoke to her and asked if she wanted release, wanted revenge on those that tore her family away from her. The girl was all too eager to accept and told the light that she hungered for it greatly. The light then told her that all Hime had to do, was offer soul and embrace the essence of Izanami into her being. Now, one would think the young girl did it in a heartbeat, which she didn't. No, she went through continuous weeks of torture and abuse from the scientist. They called her a failure and that her parents should have given birth to a stronger child, than a weakling like her. When they attempted the final act of putting the girl out of her misery, the broken girl accepted the terms.

A black light radiated from Himeiji's chest as it suddenly split open and her heart devoured by a mysterious being. Her soul drifted from out her lips, but instead, something else filled her. The malnourished, broken girl came back from the brink with untold strength. For the next few nights, Himeiji killed every soldier and every scientist in the military base with her own bare hands. She hunted them like animals and only allowed them to survive the nights to instill a false sense of security into them. A voice continuously urged her to do more and more with her abilities and trained her to become so much more during those deliciously blood-filled nights. The voice she called, "Black Heart" became her friend and served as the second voice in her head. Despite her lack of a heart and soul, plus the murderous tendencies of Black Heart, she still released the remaining children once her carnage was done.

After everything had been said and done, the woman realized that her country as twisted and deserved to be burned to the ground. She took a suit of experimental armor, strapped her sword to her side, then walked off the base. The woman knew where she wanted to go. Himeiji knelt before Marigold Darkson in her throne room and recounted briefly what had went on in the country of Forest. Armed with new knowledge and a potential ally, Marigold said that Hime could join her army, if she went back to Forest and killed every single solider that lined forefront of the battle. The woman agreed without a second thought and eventually came through with her assault on the soldiers, that allowed the Darkson army to push and take a large portion of Forest as their own.

Marigold, impressed with Himeiji's ability to have taken on every single soldier on by herself, was appointed as the First Wing of Seraphim. Her position made her leader over all the other 6 wings, assassins who were much like her and as a symbol of the status, Marigold gave Hime a hand-made black and white kimono. The very action was a token of trust between Mari and the emotionless woman. The assassins all played a role in the 5 Years War, with Himeiji taking over the rest of Forest during the first year of the war.

When everything was over, the woman enjoyed the void-filled peace that swept over her and the land. She was content, or by what definition in her mind content was. The world was under a new leadership and through some logical thinking, felt that Marigold was a better leader for the people, than what the people in Forest could ever do for themselves. Marigold eventually left for some time, but it was recent when she made contact with her master. The woman was advised to come with the Third Wing of Seraphim, Three and meet her at place known as Radiant Garden. Her mission directive in hand, Hime and Three got on a ship to head to their leader's location...

Twenty-years later and there has been a unique change in Himeiji. She regrew her heart and has now become exceptionally more vocal and active in her speech. The samurai now shows herself off as a fun loving, wise-cracking warrior, who literally isn't afraid of anything. At some point after this, she and another one of Marigold's compatriots, Ysl'Dae, got into a relationship and had a child of their own. It is unknown who gave birth but that child has now been released onto the worlds. Since then, she had groomed the young girl's brain on knowledge. Since her daughter has grown-up and flew the nest, Hime has taken it upon herself to do a bit of exploring of her her own. Wherever she's gone is vastly unknown, but many have reported seeing her pop up whenever the need suited her.
Other Notes: Himeiji has a forked tongue that she can move separately. She often does this to tickle herself, which gives her mild entertainment.

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Re: Himeiji Homura, the First Wing of Seraphim

Post by Veara on Tue May 19, 2015 5:00 pm


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Re: Himeiji Homura, the First Wing of Seraphim

Post by Himeiji on Tue May 03, 2016 1:42 pm

Updated for time skip

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Re: Himeiji Homura, the First Wing of Seraphim

Post by Faye on Tue May 03, 2016 4:18 pm


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Re: Himeiji Homura, the First Wing of Seraphim

Post by Sponsored content

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