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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Copper on Fri Jun 05, 2015 3:26 pm

Glorious Heart: Bob can very easily lose his limbs, usually exploding into clouds of blood. But if the attack wouldn't normally be lethal or could not severe his arm, it will grow back immediately. This applies to all appendages and organs, however he will be left with internal damage if his organs explode in response to a needle being stabbed into him.
Ability Cooldown: N/A

Tier 1

Wonderful - Bob consumes 5 MP every post of his own MP. The MP goes into a separate storage that is locked away from non-Skill tree abilities. However, this does allows allies to donate MP as well.

Amazing - For every 5 MP locked within the Wonderful storage, Bob can release a shroud AoE effect of all of his elements in supernatural form, dealing damage equivalent to the amount of MP has been stored.

YOUTH! - Bob's MP cooldown is cut by 2 Posts.

Glory - For every 5 MP locked within Wonderful storage, Bob may heal himself. The effect of this healing is based on character tier. Further character tiers unlocks the capability to reflect off of multiple versions of Cure. Tier 1: Cure valued at 20 MP. Tier 2: Cura valued at 30 MP. Tier 3: Curaga valued at 50 MP. Tier 4: Curaza valued at 70 MP. These are double casted if possible, triple if possible. The storage must meet the exact value for single, double, or triple-casting. | 4 Posts per Cast

Fury - Bob enters a fit of rage, and for every 10 MP locked within Wonderful storage, Bob may breath fire according to the MP value. However, the duration and potency split the difference and it lasts 1 post per 5 MP, the potency being equivalent to whatever is left over from supernaturally reflecting the power of MP. | 2 Posts CD base, plus 2 Post every 80 MP.

I will admit, this is entirely experimental.

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