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Update: Drafts and Auto Save

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Update: Drafts and Auto Save

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:25 am

By writing this I do not mean to step on anyone's toes.
I just purely want to put it out there for those that might be unaware as well as unfamiliar in their uses.

There has been a useful update to the site in the last 24 hours.
Draft and Auto Save features have been activated for use to all users thanks to a few quick fixes on our staff's behalf.

This means there are now two very useful ways to make sure your unfinished or developing posts are safe and secure during any unexpected situation. Accidental or intentional. Be assured that this should reduce any stress caused by lost work. However, malfunction is capable as with any given coding.

Though likeliness of failure is slim.

With all this now implemented in working order. I would just like to take a moment to familiarize members who may not have used or are confused on the hows to's of both the Draft and Auto Save features.

A feature that allows any user to save any amount of posts manually which are stored in a personalized list for later completion or official posting. This can be done during any part in the writing process by pressing the DRAFT button located at the bottom of the text entry box. The Draft tool can only be found and used in Full Reply mode and not with the Quick Reply set up at the bottom of a topic.

After saving, the drafted post is sent and stored to a personalized list for the user only which can be accessed and edited at a later time. This list is located under your PROFILE tab on the site's header. From there click the DRAFTS tabs. This will redirect your specific list of currently drafted posts. To edit just click the EDIT button beside the post you wish to continue. These posts can either be redrafted using the same method or posted immediately after completion.

When a drafted post is sent to be posted. It will be placed in the exact forum it was written in originally. Example being, if the original text was written and drafted in Disney Town then the posted result will appear in the Disney Town section. This mean there should be no need to copy and paste your work.
Auto Save
Auto Save is a property applied to the reply text boxes through a CSS Code edit. This allows for any given amount of words written within the text box to be temporary stored in memory for a decently short amount of time. While writing, the text box will proceed to save your progress each time you stop for a break. Should any accidental or unexpected events cause you to lose your page then the memory from the text box should restore your most recent point of progress it registered before you left upon going to post again. However, this memory has a short span and therefore being gone for a extended period of time will most likely result in loss of the text that was saved previous. For more assured saving over long periods of time, refer back to the Drafts feature.


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Re: Update: Drafts and Auto Save

Post by Zyvonia on Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:39 pm

Oh drafts, nothing new. Personally nothing a text file won't accompli---wait, what's that other word?



Oh yes, auto save. This has been all I ever wanted.

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