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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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The Storyteller's Screen

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The Storyteller's Screen

Post by Lynette Elise on Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:47 pm

Lynette Elise Richardson

Character Template: Lynette, the Storyteller

Homeplace: Beast’s Castle – Lynette has become a resident of the Beast’s Castle and is the presumptive World Leader as a consequence. Not that she puts up much of an argument about it, the inhabitants need to look after someone and goodness knows she needs the looking after.

Notable Traits: Lynette seems to be a very attractive young woman of about 19 years of age, though her mannerisms are those of a much older woman.


Companions: Annie is a small sized Yorkshire Terrier dog and is Lyn’s constant companion. If she’s not with Lyn then she’s with someone because Annie doesn’t like to be by herself. She’s had to survive on her own and she is much happier with people, thank you very much. She’s sweet natured and playful, though she doesn’t like loud noises or people who scare her Mommy.

Character Goals: Lynette’s story is intended to be one of Transformation. She has the benefits of a Beta Character in that she technically has access to Tier 5 status and all of the associated abilities, but she will gain those abilities in character at an unsteady rate, which is to say that she might gain a Tier 3 ability before unlocking a Tier 1, for instance. For those capable of sensing relative power levels, though, she will read as having incredible magical potential. Untrained and untapped potential. And at the moment she is completely unaware of that potential within herself.

Lynette is dealing with a severe mental disconnect between what she looks like to those around her and what she thinks she looks like to the outside world. She is used to being perceived in one manner and that is not the manner in which she is currently perceived and the hope is that this disconnect will factor into events. Whether or not this happens remains to be seen.

Basic Abilities
Extrasensory Hearing: Most Tier 5 characters are presumed to be able to sense magical power and nature in their environment. In Lynette this sense manifests as an audible signal that she must first adjust to having and then learn how to interpret. This is intended to be developed as part of her ongoing story.
Elemental Presumptions: As a consequence of having the Moon Element in her tree, Lynette can passively see through Illusions.
Healer Born: Because of Lynette’s combination of Elements and Affinities, she is a Peerless Healer.

Keyblade: Freedom Quill
Skill Tree: Freedom Quill Tree

Skill Trees
First Tree: Traveler Powers – Lynette’s skills and abilities specific to her being a Traveler and a Healer

Second Tree: The Firebird

Drive Tree

Lynette Elise
The Storyteller

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