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Doctor Bertrand Empty Doctor Bertrand

Post by Jacob Bertrand on Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:48 pm

Name: Doctor Jacob Bertrand
Age: 38 yrs
Species: Technologically Augmented Human (Somebody)

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Electricity
3.) Metal
4.) Time

Personality: Jacob can be relatively cynical. With that, he’s not exactly the most charismatic, but he does have his moments when he needs to be. He can be brash when talking to people, but underneath it he cares for people near his heart and will do what he can to protect them.

Appearance: He stands at around 5’11” tall. He has dark grey hair with bushy facial hair. Should someone look beneath his hair, they would see rectangular and other shaped bulges where his implants are located. He has light brown eyes, and if one looks closely they can see several tiny inner mechanizations working within them.


-----Pre Time-Skip-----

Jacob Bertrand comes from a distant world called Pilatus, one that was fast approaching the peak of technological advancement. Most people on his world were enhanced with technological augmentations ranging from simple neurological chips to cybernetic appendages. Jacob prefered more subtle alterations including those that allowed him to retain specific memories and allowed him to process information faster. He also received optic implants at the age of 16 due to a hereditary disease that was deteriorating his eyesight. On his world, he graduated among the top 5 of his class from the Pilatus University of Quantum Mechanics, soon taking a job as a Temporal Scientist for a private Research & Development company named Brant R&D. It wasn’t long after that the Heartless came and attacked his world. Despite them being completely alien to Pilatus, the world’s army was actually able to contain the Heartless for a relatively long time, to the point where they weren’t so much of a threat. Some of which were actually captured and studied at Brant R&D, their results shared with Pilatus’ government to assist in countermeasures. However, the multiplicative ability the Heartless had ended up turning the tide to their favor. The Heartless began to overtake Pilatus, and a worldwide evacuation was enacted. However, with his profession, Jacob was requested to stay behind for one final attempt to push the Heartless back.

Jacob soon was placed on a government project to repel the Heartless called “Project Causality”. The intended goal was to develop a temporal weapon that would specifically target the Heartless, erasing them from the world’s existence. The project was headed by a Pilatus Military official, Major Samantha Sander, with Jacob holding the position as lead scientist.

I’ll be very honest with you. As much as an honor it is to put my knowledge to this endeavor, I’m not expecting much. We have weeks to put together a temporal weapon that was theoretical at best. Even using our limited temporal manipulation, I’m not exactly sure how this is going to end up. Even then, I’d rather die knowing we did our best to kick these bastards away.

Despite the odds being overbearingly against them, they worked at making the temporal weapon a reality. At the eleventh hour, they attempted to use it against the Heartless, but a miscalculation caused it to fail. The Heartless soon broke through into the compound and began trashing the area. The Major directed everyone to the remaining Gummi Ship, the Harriman. Unfortunately, Jacob and Samantha were the only survivors before Pilatus was completely consumed by Darkness.

Despite the project’s failure, Jacob still kept a copy of Causality’s schematics held by his AI, PILA. He proposed that the other worlds may be under the same sort of threat, whether the same extreme or not and that the two of them (technically 3 in the case of his AI) should use the gathered intelligence to assist any in need. Samantha accepted it and the two of them set out to try and do whatever they could.

-----After/During Time-Skip-----

It took even shorter than Jacob thought it would take before he became a target. While looking for components to try and reproduce Causality in the world within Deep Space, he was confronted by a young woman. He didn’t think much of it at first, most of what she was asking was non specific such as what kind of equipment he was getting and the such. Most of which he answered with non descriptive sentences like ‘things’ and ‘none of your business.’ Things took a turn for the worse when she began mentioning more specific things such as temporal mechanics. The final straw that told him that he should probably run was when she mentioned Project Causality. Not expecting an actual answer, he asked who she was. Surprisingly enough, she introduced herself as Kathryn Ferris before giving him the answer he did expect, that he was going to come with her willing or not.

At this point, he actually ran. He tried and failed to contact Samantha, figuring she was handling her own or already on the Harriman. When he finally reached the ship, PILA told him that his partner was not on board. After less than a few seconds of thought, Jacob decided that Samantha could probably hold her own for the time being before he took off. He planned on trying to find another world where he could hide until he can establish contact with Samantha and rendezvous with her somewhere.

When the Harriman reached orbit, he was welcomed by the sight of another vessel intercepting his own. PILA notified Jacob that the vessel was hailing him, putting the message on his personal viewscreen and found himself face to face with Kathryn once again. After some banter and threats, she demanded his surrender, which was promptly rejected and the hailing session was closed. Almost immediately after, the weapons fire began.

Even without much tactical knowledge, he knew he was outmatched by far. The weapons his assailants were using tore through his shields and was beginning to do serious damage to the Harriman. The only option he had at that moment was to run. He fired up the ship’s Faster Than Light drive in the hopes he can outrun Kathryn's vessel.

However, a failsafe that would normally prevent him from using the temporal drive he earlier equipped on the ship and the native FTL drive simultaneously (and ironically) failed. This sent his vessel through a temporal shunt, landing him 20 years into the future in the same area of space. With no idea where his partner is (if she’s even alive), he began his search, letting PILA handle flying the ship and any other tactical duties.

Other Notes: Jacob once enjoyed coffee, but has had so much in his work to the point that he needs many different creamers to stand it.

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Doctor Bertrand Empty Re: Doctor Bertrand

Post by Zyvonia on Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:11 pm


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Doctor Bertrand Empty Re: Doctor Bertrand

Post by Jacob Bertrand on Sun Jul 24, 2016 2:08 am

Updated for time-skip

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Doctor Bertrand Empty Re: Doctor Bertrand

Post by Veara on Sun Jul 24, 2016 3:18 am


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Doctor Bertrand Empty Re: Doctor Bertrand

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